Tips for Planning the Perfect Gender Reveal with Confetti Cannons

A gender reveal party helps build excitement about your baby’s upcoming birth, and confetti cannons make your announcement especially fun. Planning a gender reveal party takes some coordination because you want to make the actual reveal-the-gender moment the focal point of the whole event


Here are some tips for planning a fun, memorable gender reveal party using confetti cannons.

Keeping the Secret While Spreading the Word

Because the reveal is the point of the party, you need to keep the gender of your baby secret before the big event. Most expectant parents find out the gender of the developing baby at around 20 weeks during a prenatal appointment ultrasound. If only one parent wants to know the gender before the party, you can ask the technician to write down the information instead of telling you out loud. The person who knows the specific details can plan the actual gender reveal moment, while others who don’t know yet can help plan the rest of the party.

When you send out invitations to your event, let guests know the purpose of the party. You might want to include a short explanation of how this kind of party works for people who haven’t been to one before. Look for invitations and decor that feature both blue and pink elements to keep everyone guessing until the big moment. Someone who already knows the gender should place the order for confetti cannons in the matching color. 

Lead Up to the Big Reveal

Set up your party to celebrate the upcoming arrival of your new baby without giving away the gender details before the final confetti blast. Serve food and drinks in a variety of pastel shades to encourage speculation over whether the baby is a boy or girl. Games and activities centered around guessing the baby’s gender build up the excitement before you set off your confetti cannons. One fun idea is to assign guests onto pink and blue teams to compete against each other.

Revealing the Gender With Confetti Cannons

After guests have had time to eat, drink and play games, the moment for the actual gender reveal arrives. Decide beforehand how many people you want to set off confetti cannons, and order the right amount in the specific color you need. Some parents prefer to have guests watch while they set off confetti cannons. Others prefer to get enough confetti poppers for all of the guests and have everyone turn the base to release the confetti at once. If you have older kids, including them in the gender reveal moment is a great way to celebrate their transition to being big brothers or big sisters to the new baby.

Whoever you have firing off the confetti cannons, make sure you discuss the plan with everyone before the actual moment. If you have multiple cannons going off at once, a countdown can help ensure that all of them shoot out confetti at the exact same moment. Aim the confetti cannons out into an open space or high above guests’ heads where the biodegradable confetti pieces can shoot out over the gathered crowd.

Capturing Photos of the Gender Reveal Moment

Pictures and videos of the confetti cannon gender reveal let friends and family who couldn’t make it to your party share the excitement from afar. If grandparents or other close family members are not able to come to your gender reveal party, you could have a friend set up a live video call for them to watch the event in real time. 

Determine the area where you plan to set off the confetti cannons before the party and plan where your photographer should stand to get a good picture of the exact moment when the confetti blasts into the air. You can hire a professional photographer to take pictures and video of the moment or ask a friend to handle photography duties. You might want multiple cameras running to capture both the overall view of the crowd during the moment of reveal and the faces of specific close relatives as they see the color and get excited that a new boy or girl baby is about to join the family.

Consider buying extra confetti cannons to take some staged shots after the big gender reveal moment. This gives you a chance to capture close-up pictures of confetti shooting out of the cannon or fun shots of the baby’s older siblings firing confetti over each other.