1. Spark Romance 

You and your Valentine can let love sparkle with some heart-shaped sparklers. Whether you want to light them up together for fun or use them for a magical photo-op, they’re sure to spark some romance between you and your partner. If you choose to have a romantic photo shoot, make sure you’ve got a few heart-shaped sparklers handy to get as many shots as you desire. What’s more charming than sparkly hearts lighting up your photos? 

2. Galentine’s Day 

Valentine’s Day isn’t just for couples — your gal pals will likely want to jump in on the fun, too! If you’re hosting or attending a Galentine’s Day gathering this February 14th, light up the event with some heart-shaped sparklers. Not only do they take amazing photos, but they also make lovely centerpieces and favors for your favorite girls. 

3. Kids Valentine’s Day Party 

If you didn’t already know, kids are big fans of sparklers. Imagine what they’d do with heart-shaped sparklers! If your child is celebrating Valentine’s Day with friends, spark some fun with these sparklers. Give each child a sparkler and make sure they’re in a safe and supervised space, then watch them light up with excitement! For an added creative touch, attach a Valentine card or message to the sparkler or put it in a treat bag along with some Valentine goodies. 

4. Wedding Celebration  

Weddings happen to be our favorite events, no matter the time of year. If you’re celebrating a wedding around Valentine’s Day, heart-shaped sparklers make a romantic addition to your special day. They’re perfect for a sparkler-send-off, where you and your partner can exit the venue through an arch of sparkly hearts. If you’re not planning on doing a sparkler exit, having your guests light heart-shaped sparklers can set the mood for your first dance together as a married couple. They also make lovely wedding favors, centerpieces, and cake decorations. 

However you choose to spend Valentine’s Day, heart-shaped sparklers can make the perfect addition to your special celebration. Even Cupid will be jealous when he sees all the love sparkling! Shop for heart-shaped sparklers here, or find further inspiration for using your sparklers.