If you’re reading this, you probably know that there’s been a massive sparkler shortage throughout the country. But the extreme demand isn’t random, as almost every wedding was postponed in 2020 to limit gatherings due to the COVID-19 pandemic. As a result, there have been twice as many celebrations in 2021 as many couples are trying to catch up. That, coupled with supply chain issues is the perfect recipe for limited stock.

Along with postponements comes extra time to plan. More importantly, that means extra time to research beautiful wedding exits. And there’s one thing you’ll see in every stunning wedding exit – wedding sparklers.

Which Sparkers are Being Affected By the Shortage?

The most popular wedding sparkler is the #36 sparkler due to its 36-inch length. It makes sense, considering the longer the sparkler, the longer time you have to make an exit and capture beautiful pictures. This sparkler has taken the biggest hit during the shortage. So, what should you do?

While the 36-inch sparklers are optimal, plenty of options will still do the job, including #14 and #20 sparklers. And if you’re looking for another alternative, confetti cannons are a great way to get creative.

What Are the Most Effective Alternative Wedding Exit Products?

What’s the main reason we want wedding sparklers? For the pictures! There is no right or wrong answer to which product your wedding needs, but there are a few things to consider. And the most critical question to ask yourself is: How will this product make the pictures look?

The size of the wedding is another important factor. If the wedding is a more intimate gathering of about 50-75 people, #14 sparklers will be perfect. The shimmering gold sparkles will elevate the pictures and last for about 65 seconds. That’s plenty of time for the wedding couple to move through the exit line.

If the wedding is a much larger gathering, then #20 sparklers are the way to go. These 18-inch sparklers provide a full 90 seconds of burn time. If you have a well-thought-out plan to light the sparklers in a short amount of time, these gold sparklers will create a memorable celebration.

For any wedding, confetti cannons are an excellent option to make an exit pop! These easy-to-use and safe products will leave the couple showered with colorful confetti.

Thinking about calling off your extravagant wedding exit? Think again.

There’s nothing more important than making the wedding couple happy on their special day, and all our products are designed to make them the center of attention. They’ve likely spent years browsing Pinterest and other social media platforms planning their special day. They shouldn’t have to compromise.

While we’ve talked about a shortage of many products, there are still options available to make the wedding day just as special. And that’s why we’re doing everything we can to maintain a variety of products in our inventory – to help deliver a day to remember.