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They were great!

They were great! Very little smoke with nice bright gold sparks. They burned for several minutes and looked great in all the pictures. Exactly what we were looking for when we were planning our wedding and sparkler exit.


They were beautiful

Great wedding send off

The sparklers worked perfectly. The 36 inch ones lasted long enough for the bride and groom to walk under them for the wedding send off. Great product at a great price! Made for a beautiful send off.

Worked Great

They burned bright and beautiful for my sparkler send off.

Arrived quickly. Glad we ordered the 36" size. Photos look great.

The delivery was awesome..

I ordered on a Tuesday, and they were delivered by Thursday, great service. They burned for at least 3 minutes... well worth it

Great price, great customer service and quick delivery...

Not much else to say...Seamless and easy transaction. Product delivered quick and right to the door!

#20 Gold Sparklers

Perfect for wedding!!!!

Quick shipping and perfectly sized for a wedding exit!!!

Wedding of the Century

The send off was amazing...sparklers lasted during photos and video. They were easy to light. It was a beautiful setting to end out night.


So excited to use these 36in sparklers for my upcoming wedding. Items arrived fast and exactly as described.

Great Sparklers

We used these sparklers for a filmed and photographed sparkler exit for our wedding and they looked great!

Outstanding Event

I absolutely love the sparklers - they were a fabulous way to send off me the bride and my groom - love me my purchase!

Fast delivery and very well packed. Great quality at a great price.

Excelent choice!

Just in time arrival, excellent costumer service!

Wedding sparklers

These sparklers were great for our sparkler send off for my daughter’s wedd8ng. They stated lit long enough for pictures and gave off a great amount of light! Workday definitely recommend them

wedding sparklers

These were great and made a beautiful going away for our bride and groom. They lasted forever!


Although i haven’t actually used them yet they look great, came packages relay nice and came very quick!

Wedding sparklers

These were fabulous for our daughters wedding with 275 guests. They burned long enough for a spectacular sparkler exit.

Huge sparklers

I had no idea that these were going to be the biggest sparklers I had ever seen. I have a sleigh didn’t do a very great job reading the description, but they were awesome because they burned forever! The only thing that I didn’t like was that the pieces of the sparkler broke off fairly easily if you weren’t careful with them.

Great Product

Ordered for a gender reveal, and great success, Thank you so much! They worked perfectly, had vibrant color, and I would order again!

Wedding sparklers

These sparklers were a hit at our wedding!! Everyone loved them, lasted for a really long time, probably closer to 3 minutes. Loved them!


These were great. They were easy to light and lasted throughout the exit and for pictures!!

Recommend the 35" inch sparklers

These were awesome...was perfect for the wedding. They lasted along time especially for the pictures. Most importantly the guest enjoyed them. I would buy again for another event & would recommend other people to buy from this site. Prices were reasonable.