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I needed sparklers in a hurry for a wedding. I made contact and was immediately gratified to learn they could (and Did) meet the need!!!
Thank you so much! I would highly recommend the customer service here!


The sparklers are of a very good quality

Definitely a hit!

A little harder to light at first than other sparklers, but definitely long lasting and not smoky like some others we've had. Will definitely buy again. A tip for lighting: use a candle or two with a steady flame rather than trying to light from a lighter or match.

Everyone was amazed

We just completed the wedding that we bought these for. Noone had ever seen such long sparklers and were amazed at how long they lasted. It was great as there was plenty of time for the pictures as they couple exited and all there had fun with each other even after the couple was gone!

Perfect for a wedding!

These were great and served their purpose. They arrived really quickly too. My only suggestion on use is to make sure you have a pretty wide area (larger than 6 feet across) if you want to have people line up on both sides for a sparkler tunnel. Because they are so long, you might get poked by the end of a partially finished sparkler in the tunnel otherwise! They were awesome! I can't wait for pictures!

Great customer service

Their customer service was quick and friendly, add to that the fact that the sparklers shipped in just a few short days- I am a happy bride!!!

Great product and service!

We frequently purchase these sparklers for our wedding venue grand exits and they are just exactly what we need. Always fast shipping and good service.

Great Sparklers!!!

Lasted longer than 5 mins!!!

Great Memories

Every year we celebrate with sparklers. We take long exposure pictures and draw different shapes and our names. With this long sparklers it expands the time we have for our pictures. We love them and will be ordering more.

Everyone who attended the gender reveal loved it!

Wedding Sparklers

These sparklers were a perfect send off at our daughter’s wedding!

#36 Gold Sparklers

Wedding Exit

The sparklers were incredible! We had 180 people at our wedding exit and they lasted long enough to run down the line! And made for great photos!

Great Quality

It came super quick with efficient packaging! Can't wait to use them for my wedding!

Perfect ending to a beautiful wedding

We purchased the 36 inch sparklers to be part of the send off after my daughter's wedding. The burned for a perfect amount of time and created a very festive environment. I highly recommend them!

They were perfect and they lasted for the time described

Great choice

I looked at several pages and these were the cheapest. Arrived just in time and were an accurate description!

Gold Wedding Sparklers

Bought sparklers for my wedding - I had to call with a question and they were prompt to answer and super helpful! Definitely recommend!

Wedding Picture Perfect!

These sparklers were absolutely perfect for our wedding night exit. They lasted the perfect amount of time, giving our photographer more opportunities to take those dramatic exit shots that you only get one chance to do! Definitely recommend to those who are getting married!

great customer service

very responsive and easy to work with!

Wish they had more sparkle

They were ok. I just hoped for more

Mama of the bride.

They were great!! The sprinklers were long enough to hold up for my daughter and son in law to run through. They were not hard to light and stayed light for a good while.

Amazing Wedding!

These sparklers were the perfect ending to my wedding!

Great long lasting sparklers!

Ordered these sparklers for our daughter’s sparkler send off at the end of her wedding reception. They arrived super fast! They also lit fast and stayed lit a long time enabling our photographer to get some great shots as they exited the reception. They even lasted long enough for several of our guests to take individual pictures with their lit sparklers. Pictures are awesome! They were a very pretty gold sparkle. Highly recommend them!

Reliable product!

These sparklers were beautiful and were the perfect length for the exit at our wedding!! Would totally recommend.