The beauty of sparklers lies in their versatility. Whatever occasion you may be celebrating, sparklers always have a place to brighten up the party. We can already hear you thinking to yourself, “Aren’t all sparklers the same?” NO! Check out our selection and learn about how our variety of sparklers can turn your vision into a reality. With high-quality sparklers at a low price with FREE shipping, you won’t want to go anywhere else!

Wedding Sparklers

Not all wedding sparklers serve the same purpose. In fact, when you’re purchasing sparklers for a wedding exit, there are a few factors to think about; none more important than length of a sparkler, which determines the burn time. So, think about the wedding you’re planning, and pick the right sparklers for a special night.

#10 Gold Wedding Sparklers

10 inches in length, our #10 gold wedding sparklers emit a rich, golden sparkling effect that’ll leave you and your guests in awe. All of our sparklers have metal wires and produce a minimum amount of smoke, making for magnificent wedding photos.

#20 Gold Wedding Sparklers

Our most popular wedding sparkler – #20 gold is 18 inches in length and is available in packs of eight per sleeve. This product is specifically designed for weddings and memorable celebrations, either displayed or handed out as a party favor to your guests.

#36 Gold Wedding Sparklers

Available in six sparklers per sleeve, the #36 gold sparkler is our longest sparkler, at 35 inches in length, making it 18 inches longer than the #20 gold. With an average of three minutes of burn time, it allows your wedding photographer to capture many pictures of your grand exit and everyone involved.

Heart Shaped Sparklers

Our heart shaped sparklers are perfect for that romantic wedding, adding an extra shimmer to your special day. These sparklers are 12 inches long and about four inches wide. This size means they can either be displayed as decorations in the center of tables or handed out to guests.

Sparklers for All Occasions

Sparklers are fantastic for wedding exits, but there are plenty of other celebrations where sparklers can enhance the party. From New Years to the Fourth of July, light up the night, and create memories that will last forever.

#8 Gold Sparklers

Popular for many celebrations and holidays, these are the typical sparklers you’d see at a Fourth of July party. The average duration for these 7-inch sparklers is about 30 seconds. Since all of our sparklers are produced with metal wires, they give off a minimum amount of smoke, making them perfect for taking pictures.

Diwali Sparklers

What better way to celebrate the Diwali Festival of Lights than with sparklers? Our 10-inch gold sparklers are affordable and last up to about 35 seconds before burning out. With six sparklers per sleeve, these are the perfect sparklers to brighten up an already magical night.

What is the Difference Between Wedding Sparklers and Regular Sparklers?

The biggest difference between wedding sparklers and regular sparklers is length. The longer the sparkler, the longer the burn time. So, wedding sparklers are typically longer to account for the time it takes to execute an effective wedding exit. To find out more about the differences between wedding sparklers and regular sparklers, visit our blog.

How Long Do Sparklers Burn?

#8 Gold: 30 seconds

#10 Gold: 35 seconds

Diwali: 35 seconds

Heart Shaped: 60 seconds

#20 Gold: 90 seconds

#36 Gold: 180 seconds

Does My State Allow Sparklers?

Each state has its own laws about the use of sparklers, so it’s pivotal that you do some research before purchasing them. States can permit the use of sparklers and other non-aerial fireworks while prohibiting the use of aerial fireworks. So, research carefully and make sure your state allows it.