When it comes to buying sparklers, consumers have many different options. Color, length, burn time, and material are just a few criteria they can use when choosing the best sparklers for their special event.  

This blog will discuss the differences between metal and wood sparklers. Let’s break it down. 


The most noticeable difference between metal and wood sparklers can be seen in the handles of these products. Metal sparklers have a metal wire handle, and wood sparklers have a handle made of bamboo, pine, or another wood variety local to the region where the sparkler is produced. 

Smoke Production 

The amount of smoke that each sparkler gives off is also a difference between the two. Metal sparklers like the ones we sell produce very little smoke, making them the best option for photography at events. They’re also safer, as people aren’t breathing in much smoke, and there’s very little risk of flying ash.  

On the other hand, wood sparklers produce much more smoke. The longer the wood sparkler is, the more potential there is for ash (and even embers) to fall from the sparkler. This means that wood sparklers are not the best options for photography, indoor events, or occasions where small children may be handling sparklers. 


Many people are becoming more environmentally conscious with their buying decisions. For those who are looking to make greener choices, wooden sparklers may be a good option for their next event. Wood is a much eco-friendlier resource than metal, and it’s also cheaper to buy. The material is also sturdier than a metal wire, so that could be a relief if you’re planning on transporting sparklers and don’t want them to be damaged. 

Indoor and Outdoor Usage 

As we mentioned, wooden sparklers aren’t a good option for indoor events because of their smoke and ash production. They shine their brightest at outdoor parties and events, especially at night. 

Metal sparklers can be used indoors since they produce little smoke. However, it’s important to check with your venue or host before lighting sparklers inside to make sure it’s allowed. If not, metal sparklers work just as well outside. 

Overall, there isn’t a significant difference between metal and wood sparklers apart from the few considerations we listed above. You can use both types of sparklers for the same types of events. Just be sure to think about the pros and cons of each and what makes the most sense for your preferences, budget, and occasion.