Many of us Prime members love Amazon’s fast shipping and affordable pricing. We can find just about anything we need on Amazon. But we’re here to tell you that’s not exactly the case. Sure, you can find a new outfit or some of the latest tech on the site, but you won’t (or shouldn’t be able to) find sparklers or other fireworks for sale on Amazon. The reason is pretty straightforward – they’re classified as hazardous and prohibited items. Here’s why.  

Product listings must comply with all federal, state, and local laws.  

This is part of Amazon’s policy for products and product listings, and there are geographic sales restrictions that come into play with certain products. For instance, fireworks regulations differ from each state in the US. Where one state may allow the sale and use of fireworks products, another may not. Storage becomes a legal inconvenience for Amazon due to certain state restrictions on sparklers, which apply to Amazon’s warehouses nationwide. This hassle alone could be enough for Amazon not to even bother with selling sparklers. But there’s more to the explanation. 

Not all sellers are verified or trustworthy.  

We always say to exercise caution when using our sparklers and other firework products. This is especially true when you’re deciding whom to purchase from. Not all firework products sold online are from a verified seller. Some people try to sell illegal fireworks products year-round, but especially around firework season. These objects may be homemade by people without proper knowledge about manufacturing fireworks. The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) also states that illegal explosives often meet no safety standards and are coated in dangerous explosive dust that can be detonated if bumped or heated.   

Furthermore, manufacturing display fireworks and consumer fireworks requires a Federal explosives license or permit from ATF. So not only is there a risk of buying dangerous products from unverified sellers, but there’s also a lack of customer support when purchasing from these people.  

There are shipping restrictions on sparklers.  

Sparklers can only be shipped through ground methods and under the Department of Transportation guidelines, which may result in longer delivery times. Fast and efficient shipping is an essential part of Amazon’s operation, so any restrictions like these make it more inconvenient for Amazon to sell sparklers and fireworks products.  


Because of all these risks and restrictions, you can see why Amazon would rather avoid the problem by prohibiting these items from being sold. So, that’s why it’s important to purchase sparklers and other firework products from verified sellers. Check product reviews, item descriptions, and local laws when deciding whom to buy from. If you see sparklers or other prohibited items on Amazon, know not to engage with them and report the listing. You’re helping keep other customers safe from the prohibited activity and possible danger. 

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