Popular Wedding Venues Across the US

Your wedding venue is the place where your forever begins. Selecting your wedding venue is an essential element of wedding planning, but we know with so many beautiful options that it can be hard to choose the place to say, “I do.” Get inspired by these well-known and widely recognized wedding venues in cities across [...]

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5 Bridesmaid Gift Ideas

Surprising your bridesmaids with a gift is a thoughtful way to show your appreciation for their role in your wedding and your life 💕 Make your bridesmaids feel special with these few gift ideas:  Customized wine glasses or champagne flutes Personalized jewelry Embroidered robes or pajamas Weekend getaway kits (perfect for destination weddings) Monogrammed totes [...]

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Things to Consider When Planning a Bachelor Party

Celebrate the groom’s upcoming marriage and create lasting memories with a bachelor party 🤵‍♂️🎉 Here's what to keep in mind when planning it: Determine the level of adventure or relaxation, whether it's a wild weekend or a laid-back gathering. Plan enough in advance so everyone can attend, and consider everyone’s budgets when organizing it. Select [...]

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Simple Steps for Planning a Fall Wedding

A fall wedding offers a lovely opportunity to infuse your special day with the beauty and charm of the autumn season 🍁 By following this checklist, you'll be well on your way to creating a memorable and enchanting fall wedding celebration:  Choose your venue based on weather, scenery, and personal significance. Embrace the fall color [...]

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Engagement Party Planning Tips

It's time to celebrate your engagement! 💍✨ Make your engagement party a hit with these tips: Set the tone with elegant decorations and ambiance. Share your love story with family and friends. Thank your guests with thoughtful party favors. Let love sparkle with our heart-shaped wedding sparklers. 🎆💖 Shop sparklers for your wedding celebration here.

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