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Wedding sparklers are the perfect touch for your wedding exit send-off and help your photographer capture the moment with dramatic lighting and extra sparkle! But not all sparklers are created equal. Luckily, you’ve come to the right place to remain on budget while turning your vision into reality. As a direct sparkler supplier, we are able to offer the same high-quality sparklers at a low price with free shipping on all orders.

Wedding Sparklers

We carry a variety of wedding sparklers in various lengths to provide the best wedding exit possible. Larger size sparklers provide the longest burn time and that’s usually the best for wedding exits. They have metal wires that produce minimal smoke, making these sparklers ideal for beautiful wedding photos.

wedding sparkler size guide

Please reference the above chart to find the perfect size sparklers for your wedding.  You can’t go wrong with any size sparkler for your wedding, but generally speaking, the #10 sparklers are great party favors for your guests. They can be arranged in a center piece or put in a goody bag for your guests to take home. The #20 and #36 sparklers are usually used for the bride and grooms dazzling sparkler exit photo. The longer burn time helps each guest have time to get their sparkler lit for stunning photos of the bride and groom.  The longer sparklers also give the photographer many opportunities to get the best possible photos.

Read Our Wedding Sparkler Size Guide

At Direct Sparklers, we make certain you have the perfect sparklers for your fairy tale moment. Our #10 gold, #20 gold, #36 gold and heart shaped sparklers are each unique in length, but all have the same purpose of delivering a gorgeous shimmer. In addition, each sparkle features different burn times, meaning, the longer the burn time, the more opportunity you have to photos taken in different poses.

#10 Gold Wedding Sparklers

10 inches in length, our #10 gold wedding sparklers emit a rich, golden sparkling effect that’ll leave you and your guests in awe. All of our sparklers have metal wires and produce a minimum amount of smoke, making for magnificent wedding photos.

#20 Gold Wedding Sparklers

Our most popular wedding sparkler – #20 gold is 18 inches in length and is available in packs of eight per sleeve. This product is specifically designed for weddings and memorable celebrations, either displayed or handed out as a party favor to your guests.

#36 Gold Wedding Sparklers

Available in six sparklers per sleeve, the #36 gold sparkler is our longest sparkler, at 35 inches in length, making it 18 inches longer than the #20 gold. With an average three minutes of burn time, it allows your wedding photographer to capture many pictures of your grand exit and everyone involved.

Heart Shaped Sparklers

Our heart shaped sparklers are perfect for that romantic wedding, adding an extra shimmer to your special day. These sparklers are 12 inches long and about four inches wide. This size means they can either be displayed as decorations in the center of tables or handed out to guests.

How Long Do Wedding Sparklers Burn?

#10 Gold: 35 Seconds

Heart Shaped Sparklers: 60 Seconds

#20 Gold: 90 Seconds

#36 Gold: 180 Seconds

Why Buy Wedding Sparklers From Direct Sparklers?

We are a direct supplier of sparklers. This allows us to provide the lowest possible prices for our customers. Our prices will help you stay on budget. We also offer free same day shipping on everything! Same day shipping applies on orders placed before 1:30pm EST. We want to help you add that extra flare to your event. We carry premium products specifically designed for us and you. Our full-time staff is dedicated to making ordering easy and efficient.

Sparkler Safety

As always, safety first! Before purchasing sparklers, reference state laws and local restrictions, as well as your wedding venue to ensure you’re able to use wedding sparklers. And while our sparklers are safe for everyone to enjoy, we do recommend children under the age of 12 have an adult present at all times when using wedding sparklers.

Wedding Sparkler Guide with Photos, Tips, Advice and More!

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