14″ Matchless Sparklers

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14″ Matchless Sparklers


Requires no matches or lighters to light! Simply strike sparkler head on the supplied strike pad.

Effects: Matchless, Strike to Light, Brilliant Gold Sparkle
Packing: 8 Sparklers Per Sleeve
Average Length: 14 Inches
Average Duration: 60 Seconds
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*Direct Sparklers cannot ship to Alaska, California, Hawaii, Massachusetts, or Oregon.*

#14 Matchless Sparklers

Sparklers that require no matches or lighters to light!  Simply strike the sparkler head on the supplied strike pad!  These sparklers are finished and hand packed in the US.

Our #14 Matchless sparklers are also great to use to light our other sparklers.  Purchase a pack or packs of matchless sparklers as an add on to light our other sparklers, to have a complete matchless or lighter-less wedding exit!

Our #14 Matchless sparklers are the third longest sparklers that we carry. This is a brand new item to the sparkler and wedding industry. The average length for our #14 matchless gold wedding sparklers is 14 inches. The average duration for the sparklers is 60 seconds. These long sparklers emit a brilliant gold sparkling effect that require no matches or lighters.  Simply strike the sparkler on provided ignition strip on the side of each sleeve. All of our sparklers have metal wires and they produce a minimum amount of smoke, making these sparklers ideal for beautiful  photos. The packing for these are 8 sparklers per sleeve.

This product is specifically designed for weddings and memorable celebrations. Our #14 matchless sparklers can be displayed or handed out as favors to your wedding guests. These sparklers are perfect to form a passageway for a sparkler send-off.  This will create an unforgettable wedding exit. Since these sparklers have such a long duration, it will allow your photographer to capture many pictures of your grand wedding exit. Everyone involved will love the sparklers.  These sparklers are also great to use to light other sparklers that are not matchless.  Simply purchase a pack of these sparklers as an add on and use them to light our other sparkler varieties.

Why Buy Sparklers From Direct Sparklers?

Figuring out what ideas you want to include in your wedding can be a difficult decision. We are here to help! Celebrate your love with a sparkler send-off. Adding a sparkler exit is a new trend for weddings, creating breathtaking pictures. Make your wedding day photos special with a sparkler send-off. Our brilliant gold sparklers will enhance your wedding photos with a one-of-a-kind effect that highlights your special day. Our sparklers can be used during your wedding day or wedding night, either way, it will be a day/night you will not forget.

We are a direct supplier of sparklers. This allows us to provide the lowest possible prices for our customers. We also have a variety of sparkler options, like our #14 Matchless Sparklers, with prices will help you stay on budget. We also offer free same day shipping on everything! Same day shipping applies on orders placed before 1:30pm EST. We want to help you add that extra flare to your wedding night or event. We carry premium products specifically designed for us and you. Our full time staff is dedicated to making ordering easy and efficient.

Wedding Sparkler Safety

Before you purchase sparklers for your wedding, confirm with your wedding venue that they allow sparklers. Our sparklers are safe for everyone to enjoy. We recommend that children under the age of 12 have an adult present at all times when using our sparklers.

Perfect Size Sparklers for Weddings

We currently sell different lengths and shapes of wedding sparklers; #10 gold sparklers#20 gold sparklers#36 gold sparklers, and heart shaped sparklers. We recommend our long #20 gold sparklers or our large #36 gold sparklers for a wedding sparkler exit. This allows the photographer more time to capture the perfect photo. Our #36 gold sparklers last on average 3 magical minutes. Our #20 gold sparklers last on average 90 seconds. The #10 gold sparklers and our heart shaped sparklers can be used as wedding favors. Our #14 matchless sparklers last 60 seconds and do not require a lighter, so they are also a great option. Visit our size chart for all of our sparkler lengths.


Additional information


Matchless, Strike to Light, Brilliant gold sparkle


8 per Sleeve

Average Length

14 inches

Average Duration

60 Seconds

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