Do Sparklers Expire? FAQs Answered

There are so many different celebrations where sparklers can add to the fun. Weddings. Parties. Holidays. Parades. No matter what scenario you're using sparklers for, there's almost certainly planning involved. And as you probably know by now, not all plans go smoothly. Let's say you were preparing for the Fourth of July in 2020, [...]

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Wedding Sparklers vs. Regular Sparklers: What’s the Difference?

The day of your wedding deserves a special touch. And every decision you make up to the wedding can make all the difference. Between flowers, guest lists, dresses and more, your ceremony deserves your undivided attention. But we love to party, so we're more focused on the celebration! Sparklers are a big part of [...]

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How to Stay Sane During Wedding Planning!

5 Relaxing Recommendations… Planning a wedding is a 9-to-5 job – from setting the budget and deciding on a theme to choosing the date, dress, ceremony and reception venues, food, music and the wedding exit. And that’s not even including the not so evident details of wedding planning: choosing peony or buttercups, finalizing the guest [...]

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Wedding Sparkler Frequently Asked Questions

You’ve dreamed of this moment your entire life and it’s finally coming true – you’re going to marry your best friend. It feels so surreal until the reality of the event sets in for soon-to-be-married couples – planning a wedding is a significant undertaking. Setting the budget, saying “yes” to the dress, selecting the venue, starting [...]

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How to Take Great Sparkler Photos at Your Wedding

Getting great sparkler photos of your wedding sparklers involves some creative thinking and plenty of pre-planning. Whether you're having a friend take pictures or hiring a professional photographer to capture those shimmery shots, here are some tips that can help you take great sparkler pictures that are perfect for framing. Planning Your Shots Practice makes [...]

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