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Sparkler Science

Sparkler Science – How Sparklers Work Ever wonder how a sparkler works? What type of reaction is happening to create the brilliant effect that can be seen at weddings and celebrations across the country? Chemistry A sparkler consists of four basic elements. An oxidizer, a reducing agent, a regulator, and a combustible binder. Now that [...]

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2024 Wedding Trends

2024 Wedding Trends 2024 Wedding Trends are here!  We are here to supply you with the definitive list for 2024!  As usual the overall wedding theme for 2024 is love and celebration.  We will highlight some other 2024 wedding trends below. Private Ceremonies Lots of 2024 couples are choosing to have smaller, private intimate weddings [...]

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Memorable Ways to Use Sparklers During the Holiday Season

The holidays are all about creating memories with your loved ones. Sparklers are just what you need to add a spark to these magical memories. Here are five ways you can use sparklers this holiday season: Celebrate a winter birthday with sparklers on the cake Light them on New Year's Eve Use them in a [...]

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