How to Set Up a Wedding Sparkler Display

Wedding sparklers add shimmer and shine to your ceremony or reception, and there are plenty of ways to incorporate them into your special day. A wedding sparkler display helps set the tone for your event and encourages guests to participate in the sparkler send-off or photo opportunities. Setting up your display takes some forethought, so [...]

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7 Winter Wedding Ideas that Will WOW Guests

Winter is often considered the off-season for weddings, but having your ceremony during the coldest months of the year can make it extra-special.  particularly if you incorporate some creative elements guests don't expect. Here are seven winter wedding ideas to turn your big day into a winter wonderland fairy tale. These ideas will delight guests [...]

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Tips for Planning the Perfect Party with Gender Reveal Confetti Cannons

Tips for Planning the Perfect Party with Gender Reveal Confetti Cannons A gender reveal party helps build excitement about your baby's upcoming birth.  Gender reveal confetti cannons can make your announcement especially fun. Planning a gender reveal party can take a lot coordination. Make sure you make the actual reveal-the-gender moment the focal point of [...]

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Creative Sparkler Send-Off Ideas for a Fall Wedding

Rich fall colors and cool autumn weather make the time between September and November ideal for weddings. Incorporating sparklers into your fall marriage celebration can brighten up the entire event. Here are some ideas for using sparklers at your fall wedding. Leave Your Ceremony in a Sparkling Send-Off The shimmer of sparklers makes a dazzling [...]

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