5 Tips for Choosing a Wedding Venue

You want your special day to be nothing short of magical. From the decorations, to the dresses, and everything in between, all the supplies for your wedding are perfectly curated. But what about the wedding venue? Many couples have trouble choosing the best location to celebrate their special day, and there are a number of factors that come into play when making [...]

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How Will the Weather Affect My Outdoor Wedding Sparkler Exit?

Outdoor weddings can be tricky to plan months in advance when you have no idea what to expect from the weather. While it’s good to have a backup plan in place in case of rain or other inclement weather, you don’t have to let it completely ruin your plans of an outdoor wedding exit! [...]

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When is the Best Time to Buy Wedding Sparklers?

Wedding planning is an extensive process, and many of us spend months or even a year planning our special day. Between securing a venue, outfit fittings and more, the key to gathering everything you need for your wedding is perfect timing. So, when should you order wedding sparklers for your send-off? Since wedding sparklers [...]

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