The day of your wedding deserves a special touch. And every decision you make up to the wedding can make all the difference. Between flowers, guest lists, dresses and more, your ceremony deserves your undivided attention. But we love to party, so we’re more focused on the celebration!

Sparklers are a big part of many wedding receptions. While most people are only familiar with the sparklers they buy for the Fourth of July at their local store, there are many differences between regular sparklers and wedding sparklers. Confusing? We’ll clear it up for you and give you all the information you need to make an educated decision for your wedding day.

Size of the Sparklers


Perhaps the most notable difference between wedding sparklers and regular sparklers is size, and more importantly, timing. Wedding exits are magical, but with the wrong sparklers, they can turn into a disaster. Regular sparklers are typically about eight inches long and last for about 20 seconds. Unless you only have a few people attending the wedding, this isn’t nearly enough time to execute a successful exit. It’s simple. The longer the sparkler and the more composition, the longer the burn time. While a small, intimate wedding would allow you to use sparklers 10 inches in length, a larger venue of over 100 guests in attendance would require 36-inch sparklers. Offering three full minutes of burn time, you should have plenty of time to capture that picture-perfect moment.

Color of the Sparklers

Red. Green. Blue. Everyone loves color, but on your wedding day, one color is king: gold. While regular sparklers are offered in a vast array of colors, it is widely accepted that gold is the best for weddings. It offers an elegance that other colors simply can’t capture. Gold wedding sparklers are the gold standard (no pun intended). You’ll want to avoid other hues since they are less bright and can throw off the color in your wedding pictures. The brighter the sparks, the better your pictures are going to come out.

Shape of the Sparklersheart-shaped-wedding-sparklers

We know what you’re thinking, sparklers are sparklers. But your idea of a wedding sparkler may be different than ours. We can change that. Classic gold wedding sparklers with a long burn time are a perfect choice, but maybe they are not for you. Heart-shaped sparklers are creative and romantic, and they make for a great photo opportunity. Because they are 12 inches long and four inches wide, these sparklers can also serve as a centerpiece decoration for each table. If they are handed out to guests for the bride and groom exit, they can burn for 60 seconds. Heart-shaped wedding sparklers can add a little shimmer to the spark in your wedding.

Smokeless Sparklers

There’s a good chance you didn’t know that sparklers can burn with minimal smoke. Perhaps the most important difference to note between wedding sparklers and regular sparklers is the chemical composition. Because of the manufacturing material, minimal-smoke wedding sparklers can sometimes even be used indoors (definitely confirm any use of wedding sparklers with your venue first). To ensure you have a sparkler like this, make sure you buy gold ones made using a steel wire instead of wood. When buying your sparklers, think about the venue and the result of your pictures. Do you want to make sure your pictures are as clear as possible? If so, wedding sparklers with minimal smoke are the route to go.

Packaging of the Sparklers


This next difference is pretty minor, but it will help you easily recognize what kind of sparklers you’re buying. The typical fireworks you’d normally find for a Fourth of July celebration look a lot different than the ones you’ll buy for your wedding. Even your sparklers’ packaging should blend into the elegance of your wedding rather than the usual American flag-themed packaging. The packaging for wedding sparklers is different, usually featuring neutral colors to go well with whatever the theme of your wedding is. For example, Direct Sparklers follows this pattern by offering wedding sparklers in white packaging decorated with confetti to go perfectly with your celebration.

A lot of these differences are in the details, so without being informed it’s easy to make a mistake during the buying process. You have enough difficult decisions to make for your perfect day and buying sparklers shouldn’t be one of them. In fact, it should be one of the easiest decisions you make. So, when you’re buying sparklers for the big day, remember these differences and make your wedding one to remember!