When to Buy Wedding Sparklers

The remarkable thing about wedding sparklers is there is not a wrong time to buy them. With a long shelf life (years), if they are stored in a dry area they should last indefinitely. The only time we would not suggest buying sparklers is at the last minute. Sparklers must ship standard ground and cannot be expedited or shipped overnight.  Another thing to consider is whether your venue will allow them or if they will have size limitations. Please always check with your venue before ordering sparklers.

Buying Early

You can never go wrong buying early. With a long shelf life, sparklers can last indefinitely if they are stored in a dry place. If you have room to store your sparklers, do not hesitate to buy them early. You can buy them as early as right after your engagement if you are sure your venue will allow them.

Ideal Time

The most ideal time to buy wedding sparklers is 1 month – 1 year before your wedding. This gives the sparklers plenty of time to arrive and time for you to evaluate them before the big day. It also gives you time to check with your wedding venue and cuts down on your storage time.

Buying Late

We do not suggest buying wedding sparklers within a month of your wedding. Sparklers have to be shipped standard ground shipping and cannot be expedited or overnighted.  Though we can deliver sparklers to most places in the US within 5 business days, why stress on whether or not your sparklers will arrive in time.

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