Leaves aren’t the only ones falling in autumn. Couples getting married in the fall have the benefit of starting their love story in a season rich with warm colors and scenic views. Autumn is also statistically most Americans’ favorite season, which helps bring even more enthusiasm for fall nuptials. Nearly-weds and wedding planners can expect these fall wedding trends this year.

1. Outdoor celebrations

We’ve been seeing a soaring popularity in outdoor weddings since the end of the pandemic, as couples had been craving time outside and gatherings with loved ones. Regarding these outdoor celebrations, the most alluring part of an autumn wedding is the foliage. Couples married in this season are drawn to the vibrant oranges, reds and yellows of the changing leaves. They could use the fall foliage to their advantage in an outdoor wedding this season (depending on the region they’re married in), as it makes for a beautiful backdrop as they say, “I do.”
The weather is also a plus for couples looking to get married this fall. Depending on the month, it’s not too hot or cold, but just right outside. Wedding guests can get cozy with sweaters and wraps that can easily be removed on a warm fall day or to work up a sweat on the dance floor. The weather also makes fall a favorite time for those who want to get married locally, as there’s (usually) little snow or extreme weather to escape from to a destination wedding.

2. Rustic or dark color palettes

Speaking of colors, rustic and earthy color palettes are notoriously popular for autumn weddings, given their resemblance to the fall foliage. This year is no different, as many couples are opting for rust-colored tones in their wedding theme. Other nearly-weds may favor dark and moody color palettes, especially those who are marrying around Halloween time.
Many autumn enthusiasts love Halloween because of the spooky and fun activities happening around the time. Fall as a whole also evokes feelings of nostalgia, which can make reminiscing on your love story with your partner even more romantic. The chosen color palette plays an essential role in determining the mood of a celebration, so we recommend picking with intention and overall style in mind.

3. Bridal Accessories

All eyes are on the bride as she walks down the aisle. Beyond their gowns, many brides are adding additional accents to their wedding looks. Bridal gloves may be an accessory to try this fall, especially for an outdoor wedding. Bows have also found their way into bridal fashion this year, whether they’re accessorizing the hairstyle, the dress or the shoes.
Another accessory brides may want to try is a sheer overlay to their gown. Whether it’s a silk organza top layer or a detachable overskirt, sheer overlays add a dynamic piece to the wedding look. Detachable wedding dresses have been in style this year, as they provide a cost-effective alternative to buying different gowns for the ceremony and reception.

4. Intimate ceremonies

Intimate ceremonies have been rising this past year, and we don’t see them going anywhere for some time. These “micro-weddings” are favored by couples looking to have mostly close friends and family members in attendance, which creates an even more meaningful atmosphere. If nearly-weds are considering an intimate ceremony for your autumn wedding but are worried about excluding certain people, they don’t have to worry. They can always hold a reception for additional guests to join in the celebration. This way, couples can strike a balance between their intimate ceremony while also inviting a broader circle of loved ones.

5. Textured and decorated cakes

Over-the-top cakes have been a returning trend in 2023. Where wedding cakes are masterfully decorated to match the theme, this year’s cakes take it one step further with textured patterns and creative accessories. Accessories? That’s right. Dried fruits and flowers, family heirlooms, and sparklers are just a few elements couples can use to accessorize their wedding cakes this autumn.

6. Dried flowers and plants

While fresh bouquets of bright, pastel blooms are fitting for spring and summer weddings, dried flowers and greenery have become a staple in autumn wedding bouquets and decor. Not only do they match the rustic and earthy tones of fall weddings, but they also mirror the look of the trees and greenery outside.

7. Earlier ceremony, later reception

The days get shorter as the autumn season rolls in. We recommend having the wedding ceremony earlier in the day to get as much daylight as possible in the special celebration. Sunlight makes the colors of the changing trees pop in photos, and it brings warmth to a chilly fall day. Having the ceremony earlier in the day and a reception later in the evening also allows for guests to break between the festivities. Then, by the time they return for the reception, they’re rested and ready to keep the celebration going.
Trends are always changing, so couples shouldn’t feel like they need to follow every single one for their wedding day. What matters most is that the bride-and-groom-to-be do what feels authentic to them when it comes to celebrating their love.
For more fall wedding inspiration, take a look at our autumn-inspired Pinterest board.