Sparklers lit without a lighter? We know that it might be hard to wrap your head around, but trust us, it’s possible. With our new strike-to-light sparklers, the need for matches or lighters is gone.

Our new matchless sparklers eliminate the need for lighters or matches to enjoy sparkler fun. These matchless sparklers can be used anywhere outdoors and at any age (with supervision of younger children). They’re easier and safe to use, now that an outside ignition source isn’t needed. Instead of lighting with a match or lighter, these are ignited by a side stroke on the strike pad included on the packaging. No more balancing a lit match in one hand and a sparkler in another.

Benefits of Matchless Sparklers

The convenience of product use and safety of our customers were our first concerns in bringing the only matchless sparklers to the world. Cost is another important part of our customer experience, as we aim to provide sparklers at a great and affordable price, strike-to-light sparklers are no different. Not to mention, you’ll also be saving money not having to buy lighters and matches to light this product.

Another safety factor of matchless sparklers is that they are smokeless steel wire sparklers, so rest assured that you won’t be breathing in smoke when using this product. No smoke also means that there’s an even greater photo opportunity with these sparklers at your special event! The burn time of the 14” sparkler is around 60 seconds, so your photographer will have an ample amount of time to snap photos of all the sparkler magic.

Speaking of special events, these are the perfect addition to any of your celebrations. Whether it’s a sparkler wedding exit or a holiday like the 4th of July or Diwali, matchless sparklers are here to make the magic happen. Use them the same as you would with regular sparklers.

Shop our matchless sparklers for your next event here. For inspiration on how and when to use your sparkler products, keep up with Direct Sparklers on Pinterest!