Just imagine it. You’re enjoying the wedding of your dreams, but the night is winding down. Your guests are lined up outside the venue exit while you and your new spouse are about to make your grand wedding exit. You open the doors, walk halfway down the line, and… the sparklers stop sparkling.

But don’t let that happen to you!

If your wedding is coming up, you can avoid this nightmare. Long sparklers have become an increasingly popular choice for wedding exits in recent years, largely due to their long burn time. We’ll discuss why long sparklers are better for a wedding exit and what makes them such a great choice for your special day.

1. They Burn Longer

It’s simple: the longer the handle, the longer the burn time. You don’t want your wedding exit to feel rushed, so opting for a longer sparkler will give you and your spouse all the time you need to walk under a shower of light. Our #36 Gold Wedding Sparklers are the longest sparklers we sell. They’re 35 inches long and burn for about 3 magical minutes. The next option we have is the #20 Gold Wedding Sparklers, which are 18 inches long and burn for 90 seconds. Lastly, our #10 Gold Wedding Sparklers measure 10 inches and burn for 35 seconds.

Obviously, the #36 sparklers are your best bet for a long-lasting sparkler send-off, especially if your guest list is large. It’s better to have more time than planned to make sure everything runs smoothly.

2. They’re Safer to Handle

While our sparklers are safe for everyone to enjoy, you should always be cautious when handling sparklers. Though all sizes are safe, longer sparklers give you more room to hold the sparkler away from your body. This safety benefit could help when you’re involving children or guests who need extra supervision at your wedding exit. It also provides more distance between the guests so everyone can be spaced comfortably and safely. Safety is also an important consideration at your wedding venue, so it’s best to ask for permission beforehand and to carry out the safest plan possible once they’ve approved.

They also provide a safer route for disposal after the wedding exit. We usually recommend having buckets of sand or water to the side for guests to stick their sparklers in once they’ve burned out. A longer handle puts more distance between the guests and the disposal unit, contributing to a safer experience overall.

3. They Make for Better Photos

Since these sparklers burn longer, your wedding photographer will have more time to capture photos of your sparkler send-off. No need for retakes and no missed shots. You’ll have plenty of time to get the perfect photo. Since the sparklers are longer, they emit bigger and brighter sparks, which provides a gorgeous lighting effect in photos. Our sparklers also give off minimal smoke, making them photography-friendly.

Another important thing to know when planning your wedding exit is that our wedding sparklers photograph even more beautifully at night. We recommend having your sparkler send-off around dusk or once the sun sets outside to get the full lighting effect. If that’s not possible, though, try to keep out of direct sunlight as much as possible for better photos.

Also, remember to inform your photographer of your sparkler send-off plans beforehand. This will allow them to prepare their camera in advance so they get the best photos of your exit. Photographing sparklers requires certain technical adjustments on the camera, so the sooner you can let your photographer know about the sparkler send-off, the better.

4. They Create an Impressive Display

You can see the brilliant difference between short and long sparklers. Longer sparklers emit more of a golden glow than shorter sparkler dimensions. This sparkler length also allows your guests to hold the sparklers higher in the air to create a walkway of light for the newlyweds. With a substantial number of guests holding these sparklers in the air, the display of light and sparkle is sure to be impressive and will leave everyone with memories to cherish forever. Sparklers can also be used for cake toppers, centerpieces, and party favors, which can add more magic to your overall wedding display.

5. Only One Sparkler is Needed for Each Guest

If you use shorter sparklers for your wedding exit, there’s a chance the spark might die out during your exit. This would mean your guests would have to grab a fresh sparkler in the middle of one of the most magical moments of your special day. If you want to avoid this, longer sparklers ensure that your guests will be holding a lively spark that lasts for the duration of the send-off. It also can help you save money out of your wedding budget, as you won’t have to buy double the amount of shorter sparklers for everyone. We suggest skipping the hassle and ordering longer sparklers.

If you and your new spouse finish exiting before all the long sparklers burn out, then encourage your guests to have fun with them! This might be another great opportunity for your wedding photographer or videographer to capture footage of your guests enjoying the sparklers from your send-off. The photos from your wedding will be something your loved ones will adore forever.


Overall, longer sparklers are the best choice if you want a long-lasting and radiant sparkler send-off for your wedding. They burn longer, give you more time to exit, and provide beautiful photo opportunities. No matter which size wedding sparkler you choose to go with, though, you’re sure to have a beautiful wedding exit with sparklers. Check out our full supply of wedding sparklers here, or find more inspiration for your sparkler send-off on our blog.