Santa hats, scarves, and mittens may have been staples for your Christmas card photos in the past. But if you’re looking for a new way to spark some fun in your Christmas card photos this year, try using sparklers with these three ideas.

  1. Outside With the Trees

Pine trees are one of the most popular backdrops for Christmas card photoshoots. If you have pine trees in your yard or a friend with a tree farm, consider taking some sparklers outside! Be sure to keep in front of the trees with your glowing sparklers and at a safe distance away to avoid any fire hazards.

  1. In a Winter Wonderland

If there’s enough snowfall, take your photos outside in a winter wonderland. Sparklers are safest outside and can be a beautiful complement to the snow. You can snap photos of your kids having fun with the sparklers, of you and your spouse holding them, or of your whole family playing together. If you’re wearing mittens, hold the sparklers with extra care.

  1. Show Some Love with Heart Sparklers

While any sparklers will give you magical photos, heart-shaped sparklers are a great option for you and your partner. You can get close and hold one sparkler together. Make this photo even lovelier by sharing a kiss in front of the camera.

Sparklers photograph best when taken with a professional camera since they are an open and active flame. From there, get your sparklers and winter coats ready for the best Christmas card photos of the year!

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