Fairy sticks, wedding sparklers, firecrackers… the list of names for firework products is seemingly endless. Though there are similarities between fireworks products, many of them have unique characteristics that set them apart when using them at your special event. Let’s explore the difference between wedding sparklers, fairy sticks, and cold sparklers. 

What are wedding sparklers? 

Wedding sparklers are our specialty. These sparklers are used in wedding ceremonies, most often during a sparkler wedding exit or sparkler send-off. Our golden sparklers come in three different sizes: 9 5/8 inches, 17.5 inches, and 35 inches. Depending on the size of the sparkler, they burn anywhere from 35 to 180 seconds. Using these in your wedding celebration is the perfect way to add a spark to your love story. Not only does it provide you with some magical photo opportunities, but it also gets your guests involved in a special ending to your wedding night as they watch you walk into forever together. 

What are fairy sticks? 

Fairy sticks or fairy wands are handheld novelty sparklers that are typically smaller and thinner than wedding/traditional sparklers. What further differentiates them from golden sparklers are the vivid colors they produce when you light them. Fairy sticks look as though they are shooting a small colored flame that ends in golden sparks, and they usually burn for 20-30 seconds (unless stated otherwise). These colorful sticks can be used at any special event or celebration, especially birthday parties. You can watch this video for a better idea of what fairy wand sparklers look like when they burn. 

What are cold sparklers? 

Cold sparklers are also known as “cold sparkler fountains,” thanks to the dazzling fountain of sparks they produce. The reason they’re called “cold” sparklers is because the sparks they emit are cool to the touch. Cold sparkler fountains are often used indoors or outdoors for special events, especially weddings, to create a stunning visual display. You can use these products during your grand wedding entrance or exit, during your first dance, or even as you walk down the aisle. 

An incredible benefit of these sparkler products is that though they can shoot sparks over a dozen feet into the air, they’re safe to use, as they don’t produce any flames, toxic smoke, or strong smell. However, it’s important to always be cautious when using sparkler products, even when they are marketed as safe to use. Cold sparkler fountains are also customizable, as you can control the height and duration of the sparks. This allows you to match the magical effect of the cold sparklers to your wedding theme, songs, and setting. 


Whether you choose golden wedding sparklers, colorful fairy sticks, or cold sparkler fountains for your wedding or special event, rest assured knowing that any of these products will create a stunning visual display and whimsical photo opportunities. As long as your event photographer and/or videographer knows about the sparklers beforehand, they can capture the beautiful visual effects in their photos and videos of your event. These products are also easy to use and can be operated by a professional, an event planner, or anyone you trust to coordinate their use at your event. Additionally, it’s crucial to check with your venue before using any sparklers or fireworks products at your special event. Whether it’s for a wedding or party, not all venues or states allow their usage, so it’s important to always do your research beforehand. 

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