12″ Pink Confetti Cannons

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12″ Pink Confetti Cannons


Effects: Showers biodegradable pink confetti
Confetti Weight: 55 grams
Confetti Shape: Pink rectangles
Average Length: 12 Inches
Average Height: Shoots up to 15 feet
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12” Pink Confetti Cannons

This product is compressed air cannons that are perfect for girl gender reveal parties. Our 12” pink confetti cannons are specifically designed for gender reveal parties. The labels on the product are gender neutral allowing the reveal to remain a surprise. The gender reveal cannon will shoot pink confetti shaped as rectangles. This large confetti cannon has an average length of 12 inches. The confetti cannons are easy to use, simply hold in one hand and twist the bottom with the other.  The cannons will shoot the confetti up to 15 feet in the air. Also, our bulk wholesale pricing will help you stay under budget. Perfect for gender reveal parties!

Gender Reveal Party Idea

Gender reveal parties are the hottest trend right now. The moment you find out the gender of your baby is magical and exciting. Expecting parents want to celebrate it with family and friends. Our pink or blue confetti cannons are great for gender reveal parties. Our labels are gender neutral keeping the gender a surprise. Our confetti cannons go perfect with any gender reveal themed party. The confetti inside the cannon is biodegradable. They are easy to use, just simply hold in one hand and twist the bottom with the other. These gender reveal cannons will shoot the confetti up to 15 feet in the air.

How to plan the perfect gender reveal party?

1. Choose the perfect theme for your reveal party. Expecting mothers do not need the extra stress of the party, so keep it straightforward and simple with blue and pink colors for your accessories.

2. Create a list of all of your close friends and family that you want to include in your special event.

3. Ask the sonographer to write “boy” or “girl” on a piece of paper and put it into a sealed envelope.

4. Plan the big reveal. To keep the baby’s gender a secret, give the envelope to a close friend or family member that you trust and have them order the correct color confetti cannon to shoot off for your gender reveal party.

5. Clean up. Our confetti cannons are biodegradable and a snap to clean up..

Why Buy Confetti Cannons From Direct Sparklers?

Figuring out what ideas you want to include in your gender reveal party can be a very difficult decision. We are here to help! Celebrate the gender of your baby with our confetti cannons. We designed the labels to be neutral, keeping the gender a surprise! Our cannons shower down blue or pink confetti which creates fun pictures. This is a one-of-a-kind way to find out the gender of your baby. It will be a day you will not forget.

We are a direct supplier of confetti cannons, wedding sparklers and party supplies. This allows us to provide the lowest possible prices for our customers. Our prices will help you stay on budget. We also offer free, same day shipping on everything! Same day shipping applies to orders placed before 1:30pm EST. We want to help you add that extra flare to your wedding night or event. We carry premium products specifically designed for us and you. Our full time staff is dedicated to making ordering easy and efficient.

Additional information


Showers biodegradable pink confetti

Confetti Weight

55 grams

Average Length

12 inches

Average Height

Shoots up to 15 feet

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Great Product

Ordered for a gender reveal, and great success, Thank you so much! They worked perfectly, had vibrant color, and I would order again!


Everyone who attended the gender reveal loved it!


These were amazing!!

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