The new year is here and new trends are along with it! Whether it’s a vibrant color palette or virtual invites, there are some styles and preferences on the rise with this year’s wedding scene. If you’re having your wedding in 2022 or will be attending one as a guest, be on the lookout for some of these wedding trends: 

Vibrant Color Schemes 

Vibrant color schemes are seemingly growing in popularity, especially with spring and summer weddings. Couples are starting to ignore traditional wedding formalities in order to make their celebrations more individualized, unique and reflective of their personalities; one way to do this is through color! Many couples are choosing a different colored wedding gown or tuxedo to wear instead of the traditional black and white. 

Themed Parties & Weddings 

Themed weddings have been increasing in popularity over the past few years, and we think this trend will continue to be on the rise. Whether it’s for a welcome party or for the wedding itself, we see many events tied to a theme that entertains guests as the night goes along. After having to postpone their weddings during 2020 and part of 2021, couples are ready to have fun and express themselves. 

Emphasis on Guests 

Relating to the postponement of countless weddings due to the pandemic, guests have been somewhat of a taboo topic. The pandemic made smaller and more intimate gatherings a norm. More recently, however, we’ve seen that many couples are eager to spend their special days with friends and family. Guest lists are growing again! 

And guests aren’t just attending weddings — they’re a part of them! With themed weddings, guests dress to match, and some even dress to impress with serious style. Guests are also involved in the experience of the wedding through events like a wedding sparkler exit, which Insider claims are still trending for 2022. Sparkler exits not only give couples a sparkling and magical exit but also allow guests to be involved in the fun as they hold the sparklers. Wedding poppers are also another product used to send off newlyweds in a stream of white confetti. 

Virtual Invites and RSVPs 

Virtual invites and RSVPs are another popular result of the pandemic, and it looks like they’re here to stay. Sending wedding invitations and save-the-dates virtually helps couples to save on their budget, and it allows them the flexibility to adjust dates, times or other specifications until closer to the event. With some software, guests can even virtually RSVP directly from the invite. Overall, virtual save-the-dates are a budget-friendly way to invite your guests and offer the most flexibility for any potential change of plans. 

Long Wedding Weekend 

In 2022, the wedding night is likely to not be the only event celebrated during the anticipated weekend. Wedding celebrations are now being stretched out over the whole weekend or a span of a few days. A welcome party may be thrown for special guests, a group date (like hiking, picnicking, or going out) for the bridesmaids and groomsmen may be planned, and so on. The point is that many couples aren’t just stopping at their wedding; their celebration is taking over a whole weekend of fun and events. 

Grand Floral Arrangements 

Floral arrangements like walls, arches and hanging florals are likely to be very popular in 2022. Large, suspended flower installations or grand arrangements along the length of a table draw guests’ attention and exist as art for the visual appearance of the wedding. 

Diamond Alternatives 

As we mentioned, many couples are deciding to ignore select wedding traditions and staples in favor of individual preferences. Another way couples are doing this is with wedding rings and diamond alternatives. Using other gemstones is often more affordable than a diamond, and rings outside of the norm are often more noticeable. Popular diamond-alternatives include Moissanite, Morganite, Opal, and more. 

Sustainable & Eco-Friendly Weddings 

Sustainable weddings are becoming a preference with younger generations especially, and we expect them to keep growing in popularity. More than ever, couples are focusing on creating a budget for things that truly matter. Many aren’t spending money on things that they see as unnecessary or even harmful to the environment. Bags full of wedding favors are one example of things that couples are increasingly choosing to leave out for these reasons. Wedding venues and planners are starting to tune into environmental concerns, so we will likely see more environmentally friendly options offered in their services.  

Overall, these are just a handful of predicted wedding trends for the year ahead. We’re excited to see couples finally getting to celebrate their special days, and we can’t wait to see how these trends shine through in 2022.