Top 3 Reasons to Have Sparklers at Your Events in Ohio:

  1. You are legally allowed to use sparklers in the State of Ohio.
  2. A simple lake-side wedding or an extravagant city ceremony can be made special with a brilliant sparkler exit.
  3. Sparklers are fun and safe for guests and add something special to your big day at low cost.

Dazzle and Amaze Your Guests

Light up your wedding night with tasteful, brilliant sparklers. Capture the perfect photos with our #20 sparklers or 36 gold sparklers. Our 20 gold sparklers are an average of 18 inches long and can burn around 90 seconds. If that’s not long enough for you, our 36 sparklers are about 36 inches long and can burn an average of 3 minutes!

Before you make a purchase, confirm with your venue that these are allowed. Our products are safe for everyone to enjoy. We recommend that children under the age of 12 have an adult present at all times when using them.

We Have the Lowest Prices Online

We are a direct supplier of party sparklers. This allows us to provide the lowest prices for our customers. Our prices will help you stay on budget. We also offer free same day shipping on everything! Same day shipping applies on orders placed before 2:30pm EST. We want to help you add that extra flare to your wedding night or event. We carry premium products specifically designed for us. Our full time staff is dedicated to making ordering easy and efficient.

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