How to Plan an Affordable Wedding in 2023

Planning a wedding in 2023 is an exciting opportunity to create the celebration of your dreams. While it’s true that rising costs and inflation can be a concern, there are many ways to plan a memorable event without overspending.

Rather than waiting for costs to decrease, take a proactive approach to your budget and focus on what’s most important to you. By carefully considering your expenses and prioritizing the elements that matter most, you can create a wedding that reflects your unique style and personality without breaking the bank.

With some creativity and planning, your wedding day can be a beautiful and joyful occasion that you’ll remember for a lifetime. Don’t let financial concerns hold you back from creating the wedding of your dreams – embrace the planning process and enjoy every step of the way!

Set a Budget

Whether it’s 2023, 2025 or 2050, setting a budget for your wedding is a must. And while it might seem like setting a budget puts you in a box, just remember the advantages of setting financial parameters. Not only will it help you with decision-making, but it can also ensure that your marriage doesn’t start with debt.

When setting a budget, make sure you consider your must-haves. The reality is that every couple will have a different budget. If you and your partner are in your 30s and have well-paying jobs, your budget might be significantly more than a young couple. No matter what your budget is, just make sure you set it.

Wedding Venue

The easiest way to save a big chunk of your wedding cost is through a cost-effective wedding venue. Booking a venue is likely the most expensive part of the wedding, so if you aren’t attentive, your budget could dwindle before you even start planning the details: flowers, DJ, food, etc.

If your heart is set on a specific venue, that’s fair. Just make sure you understand that you’ll have to cut back in other areas.

If you decide to cut back on the venue, you’ll just have to get creative. Parks, lakes and nice backyards are affordable options that can make beautiful venues. However, as you’re thinking of a venue, make sure to think about how your pictures will look.


A very underrated expense in the wedding planning process is flowers. If you aren’t careful, you could spend up to $15,000 on a florist. While flowers can enhance the beauty of your pictures and venue, there are ways to minimize the price.

When ordering flowers, make sure you do it early enough to compare prices from various florists. You can also buy flowers separately to create your own centerpieces and decorate the venue however you’d like. Another way to simplify your flowers is by hand-picking them for your bouquet and buying roses for your bridesmaids that can be used as corsages.

Do-It-Yourself Projects

DIY items are a great way to save. While DIY projects take time to complete, the extra effort will save you a lot of money in the long run. For example, when it comes to invitations and centerpieces, you can watch how-to videos and get the help of friends and family to create them. There are a lot of online tutorials you can watch to get a good idea of how to make it look professional. Here are a few DIY projects that you can complete for your wedding.

  • Flowers
  • Signs
  • Invitations
  • Save-the-Dates
  • Seat Chart
  • Program

Guest List

The number of guests you invite to your wedding ultimately has a big impact on the price of the wedding. The less guests, the less plates and alcohol you have to pay for. While you can save a lot of money by cutting down the guest list, this will likely be the biggest point of contention.

Just remember, you both have people important to you – immediate family, extended family, friends, significant others and more. Rather than being so liberal with your guest list, have a conversation about each person on the list and ask yourself – do I really need them to be at the wedding? The odds are that you might have little wiggle room to cut guests unless you decide to have a small, intimate wedding. And that’s OK, but with every guest you eliminate from the list, the more money you are going to save.

Wedding Exit

Yes, a grand exit is a perfect way to end a wedding. However, that doesn’t mean it has to be some extravagant fairy-tale ending with doves and fireworks. By having your guests form two lines by the exit and giving them wedding sparklers, you can have an affordable yet beautiful exit, perfect for pictures.

Direct Sparklers offers bulk wedding sparklers to account for every guest on your list, whether you’re having an intimate wedding or a big one. The longer the sparkler, the longer the burn time. Reference the list below to see what wedding sparklers will best fit your wedding size:

#10 Gold Wedding Sparklers: 35 Seconds

#20 Gold Wedding Sparklers: 90 Seconds

#36 Gold Wedding Sparklers: 180 Seconds

At Direct Sparklers, we understand that every penny counts when planning a wedding. That’s why we offer affordable options that are sure to fit within your budget, without sacrificing the magic and beauty of your wedding exit. Whether you’re looking for traditional sparklers or something a little more unique, we have everything you need to make your exit unforgettable.