The bridal shower can fly under the radar with the excitement of an upcoming wedding. But make no mistake, there is a lot of planning that goes into celebrating the bride-to-be. We’ll leave the venue to you, but we have just the thing when it comes to entertaining your guests.

You want guests to enjoy the shower, so we’ve created a couple of games to get everyone involved. And don’t forget, games have prizes! It’s a great idea to hand out prizes to winners, whether that means preparing gift baskets or just giving out gift cards.

The Over/Under Game

The over/under is a very quick and simple game to play during the shower. The game’s objective is to guess whether each statement on the game card is over or under the correct answer. Make sure to have the bride answer each question before the shower because that will be the answer key to your game. Give out prizes to the top finishers with the most correct answers!

The Purse Game

This game is a classic. It’s essentially a scavenger hunt using each guest’s purse or bag. We’ve created a random list of items and point values that you can download below. The host will call out the items on the list, and the guests will pull the objects from their purses and add up the point values. Whoever has the highest number of points gets a prize. You should give awards to multiple guests during this game, so hand them out to the top 5-10 people with the most points.

The Guess Who Game

Who is it, the bride or the groom? It is a fun game for the guests to get to know the couple better. After the host reads a statement, everyone will guess whether the answer is the bride or groom. For example, a statement could be, “I have more pairs of shoes.” If you think the groom has more pairs of shoes, you will circle the mustache, but you will circle the lips if you think the bride has more pairs of shoes. Whoever has the most correct answers gets a prize. And again, you’ll want to give out more than one prize for this game.

The bridal shower is, of course, about the bride. But you also want people to remember your shower for being a fun, entertaining day. So, what better way to entertain your guests than by creating games that are centered around the bride. Use some of these party games and make the bridal shower a day your party guests will remember and your bride with cherish forever.