There are countless things to remember leading up to your wedding. Details of all sizes can be overlooked or forgotten about in all the excitement, but we’re here to help you remember just a few things for your wedding day. 

1) Have a backup plan in case of bad weather 

If you’re planning to have your wedding outside, having a backup plan in case of bad weather is crucial. This backup plan may include keeping a large tent outside, providing rain gear for your guests, or having a different venue in place if need be. Even if your wedding isn’t outside, having certain accommodations in place for bad weather can be beneficial. 

2) Break in your shoes beforehand 

You might not want to wear and tear on your wedding attire for the big day, but trust us, breaking your shoes in a tiny bit beforehand will be a big help. You’ll likely be on your feet a lot on your wedding day, so tight and uncomfortable shoes are the last thing you’ll want to deal with. 

3) Keep track of your marriage license 

You might be surprised at how easy it is to lose track of your marriage license in the hustle and bustle of your wedding day. If you want your marriage to be legal, ensuring that this license is filled out, signed, and returned to your officiant is something you definitely want to remember. 

4) Designate a point person 

While we’re on the subject of everything you need to remember for your wedding day, it might be helpful for you to assign someone to help you remember it all. A point person can be anyone, from your wedding planner, a member of the wedding party, or a family member or friend. They can help you answer questions from vendors, manage minor details, or handle any emergencies on the day of your wedding. They can also help organize your wedding exit as the person to hand out supplies (like sparklers for a sparkler wedding exit). 

5) Confirm times with your vendors 

Call your vendors about a week in advance of your wedding to confirm arrival times, final headcounts, payment deadlines, and any other important details. Everyone will need to know their place in the timeline of your special day, and confirming this beforehand will prevent any added stress. 

6) Practice your vows out loud 

Public speaking is a big fear for some people, especially when you consider all the added nerves of a wedding day. To help curve some of these speaking anxieties on the day of, practice your vows out loud with your partner beforehand. This will help you speak more clearly and more confidently in front of your guests as you say your vows. 

7) Pack an emergency kit 

Make sure to pack an emergency kit to help you handle any minor inconveniences on your wedding day. You might include band-aids, safety pins, bobby pins, medicine, makeup wipes, tissues, tampons, and any other things you might anticipate yourself needing in an emergency.  

8) Leave some room in your budget for unexpected costs 

While planning your wedding budget, make sure to leave a cushion for any unexpected costs that may arise, such as service and/or rush fees. Remember you will also need to tip vendors and anyone else providing a service on your wedding day. Lastly, ensure that you’re up to date on all your payment deadlines to avoid added late fees. For more help on what to include in your wedding budget, download our FREE wedding budget planner . 

9) Consider creating (and updating) a website for your wedding 

There are countless wedding websites to help you set up everything from a gift registry to invites and RSVPs. You can use sites like Riley & Grey, Zola, or The Knot to make wedding planning a breeze and convenient for you and your guests. Don’t forget to update the site with important dates and details over time! 

10) Thank people for coming, for helping, and for giving 

Lastly, don’t forget to thank your vendors, guests, wedding party, and everyone in between. There are many people involved in making your wedding day special and showing them appreciation is something they’ll never forget.