The last few steps of wedding planning are near, and you are contemplating what kind of sparklers to get for your big exit. Do you get the regular wedding sparklers, or do you get heart shaped sparklers to add that extra touch of love? To help, we have compiled a list of everything you need to know about the differences between regular wedding sparklers and heart shaped sparklers!

1) Size and Burn Time

Our heart shaped sparklers are 12 inches tall and 4 inches wide, with a burn time of 60 seconds. Direct Sparklers regular wedding sparklers come in various sizes ranging from 10 to 36 inches. With multiple size options for traditional wedding sparkler’s, they come with different burn times as well. They range from 35 seconds to 180 seconds.

2) Pricing

While the number of guests may impact price, we offer general baseline prices to help you compare. Heart shaped wedding sparklers typically range from $35 to $150. Compared to heart shaped sparklers, our #10 and #20 Gold Sparklers are the least expensive option, ranging from $30 to $90. However, #36 Gold Sparklers are more costly due to their large size and increased burn time. Direct Sparklers’ #36 Gold Sparklers range from $50 to $180. Keep in mind that the final cost will depend on the number of guests and the number of sparklers needed.

3) How to Light

Lighting heart shaped sparklers is different than how you would light regular sparklers. When lighting heart shaped sparklers, they will need to be lit in the center of the heart where the two halves of the heart meet. This way, the sparklers will burn around the entire heart, creating a romantic experience for all guests. While we recommend having multiple lighters for every sparkler wedding exit, it is even more imperative for heart shaped sparklers since they can be slightly more difficult to light.

4) Small Versus Large Wedding—And Which Sparklers to Choose

Choosing which sparklers are best for your wedding exit can be dependent on how many guests participate. Regular wedding sparklers will work for any wedding party size, but heart shaped sparklers may work better for smaller parties since they take slightly longer to light. With that being said, if you plan on purchasing heart shaped sparklers for a large wedding party, do not fret! There are three options to help solve this problem: make sure to have more than one lighter, give each guest two sparklers to allow for additional photos if you need more time, or have a mix of both regular and heart shaped sparklers!

5) Other Features & Benefits

Heart shaped sparklers have a few additional benefits on your big day. Not only can heart shaped wedding sparklers be used for the big exit, but they can also be included into centerpieces to add a little extra sparkle. Another option is to hand them out to your guests as wedding favors. Guests will appreciate that extra special touch! Lastly, if there will be a photo booth at the wedding or a photo backdrop, heart shaped sparklers can be used as additional props!

Direct Sparklers offers both regular wedding sparklers and heart shaped sparklers to meet your needs and make your dream wedding exit a reality. Both types of Directs’ sparklers offer affordable pricing to fit within your wedding budget and will make a stunning addition to your wedding exit!