When hosting a special event, you’re likely on the hunt for ways to make your event even more exciting. And it’s even better when you find affordable ways to do it. One of our favorite ways to spice up a party is using party snaps!  

Party Snaps Are Fun for Everyone

No, they’re not Hershey Kisses. These small white party snaps make a bang noise when they are thrown on a hard surface or stepped on. Party Snaps are considered a type of novelty firework or toy, but they don’t contain any TNT. Instead, inside of these Hershey Kiss lookalikes is sand or gravel that’s coated in a very small amount of silver fulminate. The snaps are then wrapped in cigarette or tissue paper.  

They’re a fun noise maker that a trickster of any age can enjoy. They don’t require a flame to work, and they don’t cause physical damage to the surface they’re thrown on. The snaps are safe to use, even for kids. Just be sure to watch small children with these pops to make sure there’s no choking hazard. 

With party snaps at your event, you can play a fun game of avoiding the snaps at your feet or laughing as the sounds surprise your guests. If there are children at your event, don’t be surprised if they sneak up on you with a snap or two! Party snaps are perfect for birthday parties, 4th of July celebrations, Chinese New Year and even Christmas. 

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