There are so many different celebrations where sparklers can add to the fun. Weddings. Parties. Holidays. Parades. No matter what scenario you’re using sparklers for, there’s almost certainly planning involved. And as you probably know by now, not all plans go smoothly.

Let’s say you were preparing for the Fourth of July in 2020, so you bought your sparklers early to accommodate for the big rush during the holiday season, but you didn’t get to celebrate with your big group because of the pandemic. Or maybe you were planning a wedding sparkler exit for your summer wedding that got postponed. Instead of throwing the sparklers away, can you save them for next year? We’ll walk you through everything you need to know about sparklers and how long they can last without expiring.

How Old are Sparklers Before I Buy Them?

You probably want to know how long the sparklers can last after you buy them, but it’s also essential to know how long they’ve been on the shelf before you buy them. First, it’s important to note that sparklers are considered to be a seasonal product. Because of this, any products that aren’t sold during the season are typically sent back to the warehouse until the following year.

Typically, the manufacturers ship out products that have been waiting in the warehouse for some time; in some cases, 2-3 years. Even once it gets to the supplier, it will usually sit for even longer.

What is a Sparkler’s Shelf Life?

Now that we’ve made you a little skeptical, we want to ease your concern.  All things considered; sparklers will last a long, long time. That is, if you remember one thing: KEEP YOUR SPARKLERS DRY.

Water is the worst possible thing for sparklers, so it’s essential to keep them dry. Even humid conditions can bring enough moisture to cause damage. Humidity is difficult to control, so a sparkler’s lifespan on average comes out to be about 8-10 years. When you factor in that they are likely 2-3 years old before purchasing them, you probably have up to five or so years of life left (but you will likely use them long before then).

Just as anything else, when something sits on the shelf and collects dust, it becomes more likely to diminish in functionality. While sparklers aren’t a complete exception to this rule, their inorganic compounds don’t rot or decay like organic compounds. It doesn’t mean they’ll last forever, but it does mean that they have a long shelf life.

Honestly, with 100% proper care and storage of your sparklers, they could last a lot longer. But if you have 20-year-old sparklers sitting at home, it’s probably time to toss those in the trash anyway and get new ones.

What Can I Do to Maximize the Shelf Life of My Sparklers?

To reiterate: Moisture kills sparklers. But there are a few ways that you can help the sparklers last as long as possible.

How to properly store your sparklers

  • Place them in a moisture-resistant location (resealable bag or a plastic container)
  • Keep them out of the sunlight
  • Store in an area that is cold and dry

We’ve mentioned cool and dry areas are good, but what does that mean? It’s hard to gauge the humidity in a given setting. But the more you can control an environment, the more success you’ll have in maintaining the sparklers’ integrity. The perfect humidity is 35% at all times, which will keep them dry enough to work correctly and moist enough not to dry out. This balance is critical if you want them to last for years.

Do Different Lengths Have Different Lifespans?

The composition determines the expiration and lifespan of a sparkler, so all metal sparklers have similar lifespans. However, remember that the longer the sparkler, the more surface area it takes up. So, naturally, longer sparklers will likely have slightly shorter lifespans.

However, while different lengths are similar in lifespan, the difference in materials creates a considerable gap in the expiration date. Products made from wood, such as bamboo, are exposed to decay because of their organic nature. Wood also draws in more moisture than other chemical compounds. Okay, we’re done with the science lesson, we promise.

At Direct Sparklers, all of our sparklers are made of metal, so when purchasing through us, you don’t need to worry about that.

If this past year has taught us anything, it’s that there are no certainties in life, and things can change in an instance. Maybe your Fourth of July celebration was canceled. Or worse yet, maybe your wedding day was postponed. There are so many plans and decisions you’ll have to make all over again, but sparklers or wedding sparklers won’t be one of them. The 300 or so sparklers you bought for 2020 will still be good for a 2021 July 4th celebration or wedding sparkler exit – if you follow the above instructions.