Rich fall colors and cool autumn weather make the time between September and November ideal for weddings. Incorporating sparklers into your fall marriage celebration can brighten up the entire event. Here are some ideas for using sparklers at your fall wedding.

Leave Your Ceremony in a Sparkling Send-Off

The shimmer of sparklers makes a dazzling addition to a fall foliage backdrop as you leave the wedding or reception venue after your ceremony. Have guests line up to create an arch of 36-inch sparklers just outside the door for you to run under with your new spouse, or encourage wedding attendees to wave sparklers alongside the path you travel as you make your way to a waiting vehicle. Make sure your photographer captures the send-off from above to get a dazzling picture of the overall scene.

Sharing the Joy of Sparklers at Your Fall Wedding

When it comes to displaying and handing out the sparklers to wedding guests there are a few options.  You can incorporate them into your autumn wedding decor.  Let guests pick up their sparklers from a tall glass vase or vintage tin and copper container near the entrance.  You can include a framed chalkboard sign explaining the plan for using them. A fun message such as “Let Love Shine” or “Let Sparks Fly” adds a cute, clever touch to your sparkler collection point.

Make a Grand Entrance with Sparklers

Enter your wedding venue in grand style with sparklers lighting the way. At an outdoor fall wedding, stick sparklers into pumpkins set at the end of each line of chairs to make a shimmering runway leading toward the altar or podium. Another option is to have the guest seated at the end of each row hold a tall sparkler.  This will create a brilliant backdrop as you walk down the center aisle.

Create a Fall Wedding Sparkler Photo Booth

Combine the fun of sparklers, the beauty of fall and the celebration of your love into a fun photo booth experience for your wedding guests. A themed backdrop can set the tone with fall-related images.  Holding sparklers in front as a prop can give your pictures an energized 3-D look. Gold sparklers are particularly good for complementing the warm colors of fall wedding decor.

Capture Fun Photos with Wedding Party Members and Guests

Sparklers add an extra element of excitement to photos you take with your wedding party and guests. Make sure to get pictures of you and your closest friends holding sparklers in front of fall floral displays.  Pictures are taken right at sunset in the “golden hour” of photography capture both the hues of nature around you and the shimmering glow of the sparkler. As the night progresses, get some long-exposure shots of you and your new spouse using sparklers to draw a heart, or have each member of your wedding party write a different letter or number to spell out the word “love” or your wedding date using light.