He or she, what will it be? Gender reveal parties are a fun way to share the gender of your expected newborn with your friends and family. There are so many creative ways to announce whether you will be having a boy or a girl, and today we’re sharing five creative gender reveal ideas.

1) Confetti Cannons

Confetti cannons are our favorite supplies to use for gender reveals. They’re a fun way to get your guests involved, and the rain of confetti creates the perfect picture opportunity. Whether you buy pink or blue, our confetti cannons are also made with gender-neutral labels to keep the gender a surprise!

Gender Reveal Confetti Cannons

2) Smoke Bombs

Smoke bombs create another great photo and video opportunity with the display of colored smoke that comes from them. They fill the air with excitement and vivid color to indicate the gender of your baby. Some can even last for up to a minute, giving you plenty of time for photos, videos, and family fun!

Gender Reveal Smoke Bombs

3) Cake Cutting

Ordering a cake with pink or blue inside of it is the most delicious gender reveal idea we’ve seen. Guests won’t know the gender of your baby until you cut the first slice of cake, and everyone will get a piece of the surprise inside!

Gender Reveal Cake

4) Balloon Pop

He or she – pop to see! For this idea, have a large balloon filled with blue or pink confetti, but be sure that you can’t see the color of the confetti through the balloon. Then, when the time comes, have something on hand to pop your balloon and watch as the confetti rains down!

Gender Reveal Balloons

5) Piñata Party

Like the balloon, another creative party idea is having a pinata filled with pink or blue confetti or powder that’s revealed once guests hit the piñata. This is also a fun way to get other children involved at your gender reveal party, especially if they’re your children!

No matter which gender reveal idea you go with, your party will be an exciting way to announce the gender of your baby to come. It will be a time for you to share the excitement of having a baby with your loved ones, and ideas like these are a perfect way to get everyone involved in the fun.

Gender Reveal Pinata