There are many creative ways to announce the gender of your baby. Confetti cannons are one way to celebrate your soon-to-be baby. Let’s talk about how they work. 

Gender Reveal Cannon Size and Colors

Our gender reveal confetti cannons are 12” and come filled with either blue or pink confetti shaped like rectangles. The labels are gender-neutral, so the gender of the baby is kept as a surprise from your guests until you use them. 

How to Use the Gender Reveal Cannons

They’re very easy to use — simply hold the cannon in one hand and twist the bottom with the other. Once you twist the bottom, confetti will shoot out up to 15 feet in the air! This makes for the perfect photo opportunity as your pink or blue confetti rains down. 

You can use your confetti cannons indoors or outdoors. However, if you use them indoors, make sure the ceilings are tall enough to accommodate the confetti once it shoots out. Once you’ve popped your confetti cannons and taken your photos, the rest is just as simple. The confetti is easy to sweep or pick up, and it’s biodegradable.  

Confetti cannons are a one-of-a-kind way to announce the gender of your baby. You and your guests will have so much fun popping the cannons and watching the confetti rain down. And you’ll have some beautiful photos as a souvenir! 

Shop for gender reveal confetti cannons here or find more inspiration for your gender reveal party.