For a wedding reception send-off that really shines, sparklers offer a fun, creative and breathtakingly beautiful way to start your new life together. Guests love being part of the celebration, and sparklers create a gorgeous backdrop in photographs. When you’re planning a wedding reception send-off with sparklers, planning out the logistics beforehand helps make everything go smoothly.  A sparkler send-off can be the perfect end to your wedding reception.

Coordinate Your Sparkler Send-Off Plans With Your Wedding Venue

Before you can set up a sparkler-bedecked send-off, you need to check with your venue to make sure sparklers are allowed. Some event spaces allow sparklers inside the building, while others only allow them outside. Your event space also needs to know exactly where you plan to use them to ensure that nothing flammable is nearby.

Stock Up on Wedding Sparklers

Sparklers made specifically for weddings create an extended glow as you make your way through a throng of well-wishers. Longer sparklers burn for about 3 minutes, so they’re ideal for a larger wedding, while #20 Sparklers that last about 90 seconds might be good for a smaller, more intimate ceremony.

Consider getting two sparklers per person so guests can light a second one as the first reaches the bottom, extending the shimmering display twice as long. Heart-shaped sparklers add an extra element of romance to the send-off, making them ideal for use by members of the wedding party. In addition to sparklers, large lighters are a necessity when you have multiple guests trying to light all their sparklers at once.

Assign Someone to Sparkler Duty

Assign someone specific to hand out the sparklers and make sure they all get lit. This might be a member of your wedding party or someone who wants to help out in a small but important way. Your official sparkler delegate can start the lighting, keep everyone in sync and direct guests to form an arch or line of sparklers for you to walk past.

Let Everyone Know the Wedding Sparkler Send-Off Plan

A sparkler send-off needs to be well coordinated to get the right effect. Post a note in your wedding program, create a sign explaining how the send-off will work or have the DJ remind guests about the plan shortly before the end of the reception.

In addition to letting your guests know about the sparklers, make sure to tell your photographer about them. Discuss where you plan to walk and where the sparklers will be so your photographer can determine the best angles for incredible pictures and video.

Have a Test Run with Your Sparklers

Before you light all those sparklers on your big day, have a small sparkler test run so you know exactly how long the sparklers last and how much light they give off. Use your test run to decide exactly where you plan to stop for a kiss or pause for photos surrounded by sparklers.

Have a Disposal Plan

Once your spectacular sparkler send-off is complete, guests need a safe place to deposit the used sparklers. Keep a metal bucket filled with sand or water at each exit as a sparkler drop-off point and have your delegated sparkler assistant let everyone know where to deposit the used sparkler wires. With a bit of planning, your sparkler send-off should be a shimmering success. Shop online at Direct Sparklers for the best wedding sparklers today!