Graduation Party Ideas

Sparklers and Confetti Cannons can be a fantastic addition to any graduation party. Below we will highlight a few ways to use Sparklers and Confetti Cannons in your graduation celebration.

Sparkler Writing

Sparkler writing can provide a great photo opportunity while also being a fun activity. Write words like “Congratulations” or “2024” for cool photos. For a guide on how to take stunning sparkler writing photos, click here.  You will need multiple people to write the word and fancy camera tricks! 20 Inch sparklers are the best option for sparkler photos!

Confetti Cannons

Confetti Cannons are a wonderful way to celebrate your graduation. They can provide excellent group and individual photos. If you are graduating from the military our 12” Patriotic Confetti Cannons are the perfect option.  They shoot up to fifteen feet in the air and have fifty-five grams of confetti! If you are graduating from high school or college our 12” Multicolor Confetti Cannons would be a great choice!

Party Favors

Most parties end with party favors. Why not include sparklers in your party favors! Guests can keep the party going long after the party has ended. Our 10” Sparklers are ideal as party favors.

The Traditional Way

Sparklers can be an incredibly fun way for everyone to participate in a graduation party. Sparklers can be staged in a few locations for party goers to use at their own convenience. Sparklers can also be lit in unison to commemorate the special day.

Sparklers can be a great addition to any party or celebration!