Confetti Cannons

What do we love about fireworks? There’s something about hearing the powerful sounds and watching the colorful breaks dropping from the sky that makes us feel happy. But in reality, the celebration that brought us together is what makes them so special. Want something a little less dangerous and expensive than traditional fireworks? Search our confetti cannons inventory and see how they can bring your event to life.

Confetti Cannons

Confetti cannons are perfect for any event, offering the visual aesthetics of fireworks while cutting down on the danger and large expense. Your guests will love being showered in bright confetti to celebrate the special occasion. Confetti cannons are extremely versatile, offering a burst of excitement for many events, from gender reveals to birthday or graduation parties to baby showers and more. Our confetti cannons are easy to use and shoot up to 15 feet in the air.

Are There Gender Reveal Confetti Cannons?

Gender reveal parties are an extremely popular trend right now, and our confetti cannons are the perfect way to celebrate the occasion. The moment you find out the gender of your baby is magical, especially with all your closest friends and family there to celebrate. Pink and blue confetti cannons are perfect for the reveal, as the labels are gender-neutral to keep the results a surprise. They are also easy to use and biodegradable. Just simply twist the bottom of the cannon to find out your child’s gender and celebrate with loved ones.

12” Pink Confetti Cannons

It’s a girl! Perfect for girl gender reveal parties, these pink confetti cannons have gender-neutral labels allowing the reveal to remain a surprise. The gender reveal cannon will shoot pink confetti shaped like rectangles.

12” Blue Confetti Cannons

These products are compressed air cannons perfect for boy gender reveal parties. The 12” blue confetti cannons are the perfect way to announce that a boy is on the way! We’ll keep the secret safe leading up to the reveal with gender-neutral labels.

What Other Events are Confetti Cannons Used For?

Gender reveal parties are a trendy place to use confetti cannons, but they are also effective for many other events. Fourth of July parties, birthday parties, weddings, receptions, and most other celebrations are great for a shower of bright confetti cannons.

12” Multicolor Confetti Cannons

Perfect for birthday parties, these multicolor cannons are the most colorful option we offer. This cannon shoots out rectangular confetti in red, yellow, purple, orange, light blue, and dark blue up to 15 feet in the air.

12” Patriotic Confetti Cannons

Show off your patriotism with these red, white, and blue confetti cannons at your next Fourth of July celebration. These cannons shoot up to 15 feet in the air and are significantly safer and less expensive than traditional fireworks.

12” Wedding Celebration Confetti Cannons

Wedding sparklers are essential for a beautiful wedding exit. But to top off the celebration, wedding confetti cannons can add a little extra flair to your pictures, as rectangular white confetti shoots up to 15 feet in the air.

Are Confetti Cannons Safe to Use?

One of the pros of confetti cannons is that they are extremely safe to use if handled with care. They are powered by compressed air instead of explosives, which means that the cannon doesn’t emit fire or smoke.

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