So, you want to have a wedding sparkler exit, but you’re unsure of how to display them within your ceremony or reception. You’re in luck! We have come up with the top 3 ways to incorporate wedding sparklers into your wedding to make them look like décor.


One way to make wedding sparklers look like décor is to add them to buckets, vases, or crates in a location close to where you will be making your big exit. This will allow your guests to be able to identify where to get their sparklers quickly while keeping them all in one designated location throughout the ceremony and reception. There are many different items that can hold wedding sparklers, so get creative!

Pro Tip: Make sure to have your sparkler holders, whether those be vases, buckets, or crates, clearly labeled. Have one set of holders for new sparklers and another set of holders to discard used sparklers after your exit.


If you don’t like the thought of having buckets or bins holding your sparklers before your send-off, another option is to incorporate them into your centerpieces during the reception. Adding them into your centerpieces will add a touch of sparkle that will be sure to impress your guests. Guests will be able to take them from the centerpieces on their table before your wedding exit. For an extra special touch, add some sparklers to the top of the wedding cake and have them lit while the cake is being cut.

Pro Tip: Choose longer sparklers. Our #20 gold sparklers are the perfect in-between length to put on top of the cake to make sure there is adequate time to get beautiful photos during the cake cutting.


Incorporating sparklers into your wedding favors is another great option. Choosing this option to display your wedding sparklers will allow you to personalize them to fit your wedding perfectly. To personalize them, add a label with your name or initials and your wedding date on tags that can be attached to the sparklers. These tags can be handmade or can be purchased from websites like Etsy for anywhere between $25 for 50 tags and $200 for 500 tags.

Pro Tip: If you want each guest to have multiple sparklers, choose a tag that has a slit at the top and bottom instead of a hole. By choosing this type of tag, you can fit multiple sparklers on the same tag.

Using wedding sparklers can not only add that extra special touch to your wedding exit, but also to your wedding décor if you incorporate them in the right way. The options above are great ways to make them look like they are meant to be a part of your wedding, even if they aren’t being used until the very end!

Now that you have a plan in place for displaying your sparklers learn what the best sparkler size for your big day is.