Reality is often disappointing, especially when you set your hopes and expectations so high. It isn’t always a storybook ending. But when it comes to wedding exits, the opposite can be said. Many brides and grooms have concerns about how smooth the exit will be. But don’t worry; we’ll explain how reality consistently exceeds your expectations when it comes to wedding send-offs.

Wedding Exit Pictures

Expectations – “My pictures will be filled with sparkler smoke.”

The Reality – Let’s be honest, the most important part of the wedding exit is how the pictures come out. Most people have similar reservations about sparkler send-offs: the smoke. Luckily, because of the chemical composition of wedding sparklers, they have very little smoke compared to typical wood sparklers.

The truth is that with wedding sparklers, you can take clear, crisp photos that wrap up a wedding perfectly. In fact, the sparklers help the photographer by providing perfect lighting.

Wedding Sparkler Price

Expectations – “I will spend a fortune on sparklers for a wedding exit.”

The Reality – Sure, wedding sparklers are another expense you’ll have to consider for the wedding, but at Direct Sparklers, we’ll make sure it’s not a massive hit to your wedding budget.

Wedding sparklers are the perfect touch for a magical wedding send-off. But depending on where you purchase them, the price can increase quickly. Luckily, as a direct sparkler supplier, we can offer the same high-quality products at a low price with free shipping on all orders to ensure you remain on budget.

Wedding Sparkler Light Time

Expectations – “It will take too long to light our sparklers.”

The Reality – A common concern is that, depending on the number of guests, it could take a long time to pass around lighters and matches to light the sparklers in time. However, Direct Sparklers has products to give you peace of mind regarding the timing.

Whether you purchase longer wedding sparklers for more burn time or matchless sparklers with a built-in strike pad, the reality is that timing should never be an issue. Just make sure that whatever product you select accommodates the number of guests involved in the send-off.

Number of Sparklers

Expectations – “One sparkler for each person should be enough.”

The Reality – You can buy one sparkler per person, but the best pictures have the best lighting. If you have an extensive guest list, one sparkler per person can do the job. But for smaller to medium-sized weddings, it’s safer to have each guest hold two sparklers.

This one isn’t a one-size-fits-all rule, but generally speaking, more light results in better pictures. The reality is that one sparkler per person could make a send-off look a little chintzy and bare: the more sparklers, the merrier.

Wedding Sparklers During a Day Wedding

Expectations – “Sparklers won’t stand out during a daytime wedding.”

The Reality – Sure, wedding sparklers are typically used to light up the night, but they can also be highly effective during the day. If you plan on using them for a daytime wedding, it’s essential to let your photographer know ahead of time, so they can plan where the sun will be when taking the photos.

It’s even possible for the photographer to edit and filter photos and videos to make the sparklers stand out. The reality is that wedding sparklers can still have a beautiful impact on daytime wedding exits.

There you have it. Sometimes reality surpasses your expectations. And if you take the time to plan a wedding send-off with proper sparklers carefully, the wedding might just live up to the storybook expectations.