Winter is a time of connecting with your loved ones, snuggling by the fire, and creating magical memories underneath the glow of holiday lights. It may also be a season of love if you’re planning a winter wedding. When it comes to planning your winter wedding, you consider a host of factors such as snowfall, cold temperatures, a warm venue, and so on. Well, what about your wedding exit? Though it may be cold outside, you can take your first step into forever with a sparkler wedding exit. Let’s dive into some reasons why you should use wedding sparklers for your winter wedding. 

1. Sparklers Give Your Wedding a Glow Up 

Literally. While you might have holiday lights strung up around your venue, using wedding sparklers provides even more of a warm glow for your wedding. It also gets darker earlier in the winter, so if your wedding is later in the day, using wedding sparklers can help bring more light in the dark! 

2. They Allow You to Go Outside 

Chances are that you won’t be outside for very long if you’re hosting a winter wedding, as the temperature is likely to be freezing. However, you might want to take advantage of some photo opportunities outside with snow on the ground. A sparkler send-off helps you to get that photo-op and time outside, even if it’s just for a few minutes. As you leave your venue, you can do a sparkler send-off outside with your guests illuminating your path with shining sparklers. 

3. They Get Your Guests Involved 

Hosting a sparkler wedding exit means your guests will get to be involved in your special event as they hold their sparklers high over the newlyweds’ heads. They’ll get to be an active part of your send-off and can have fun waving their sparklers around. And if it’s nearly freezing outside, waving around a sparkler could be the perfect workout to help warm up your guests! 


Sparklers are a fabulous companion to your wedding celebration, no matter the time of year. Hosting a sparkler send-off for your wedding exit is the perfect way to bring some light and warmth to your winter wedding, and it’s guaranteed to make your celebration even more magical. Shop wedding sparklers now, or gather some inspiration for your own winter wedding.