Top 3 Reasons to Have Wedding Sparklers in Arizona:

  1. You are legally allowed to have sparklers in the state of Arizona
  2. Sparklers are an inexpensive, easy way to put a spark in your wedding day.
  3. Arizona is a beautiful state with awe-inspiring scenery, perfect for your special day.

Sparklers for Weddings for Arizona

Light up your wedding night with tasteful, brilliant sparklers. Capture the perfect photos with our #20 or #36 gold sparklers. #20 gold sparklers are about 18 inches long and last an average of 90 seconds. If that’s not enough time for you, our #36 gold sparklers have an average length of 36 inches and can last around 3 minutes!

Before you purchase wedding sparklers, confirm with your wedding venue that they allow sparklers. Our sparklers are safe for everyone to enjoy. We recommend that children under the age of 12 have an adult present at all times when using sparklers.

Large Sparklers for Weddings – Shop now


Our 36 inch wedding sparklers are the longest sparklers that we sell. For a variety of reasons large sparklers are the best sparklers for weddings. Our 36 inch gold sparklers are about 18 inches longer than our #20 gold sparklers and about 26 inches longer than our #10 wedding sparklers. #36 sparklers have a burn time of about 3 magical minutes. These large sparklers emit a brilliant gold sparkling effect. All of our sparklers are metal wires and they produce minimum smoke, making these sparklers ideal for beautiful wedding sparklers photos. The packing for these are 6 sparklers per sleeve.

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