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New Mexico Firework Laws and Regulations

New Mexico has specific laws and regulations in place regarding the sale, purchase, and use of fireworks. These laws are designed to ensure the safety of those who handle and use fireworks, as well as those who may be nearby during a fireworks display.

New Mexico divides fireworks into two categories: “consumer fireworks” and “display fireworks.” Consumer fireworks include items such as sparklers, fountains, and ground spinners, while display fireworks include larger items such as aerial shells and rockets. The sale and use of display fireworks is tightly regulated and generally requires a permit, while consumer fireworks are more widely available.

Types of Fireworks Allowed in New Mexico

In New Mexico, consumer fireworks that are legal for sale and use include items such as sparklers, smoke devices, and ground spinners. These items are generally considered to be safe for use by individuals without professional training.

However, small rockets are not legal in New Mexico. These items are considered to be too dangerous for consumer use and are generally only allowed in professional displays with proper permits and training.

Firework Restrictions in New Mexico

While some types of consumer fireworks are legal in New Mexico, there are still restrictions in place regarding their use. For example, fireworks are only allowed to be used during certain times of the year.

In addition, there are specific rules regarding where fireworks can be used. For example, fireworks cannot be used on federal land, including national parks and forests. They also cannot be used within city limits in many areas, as local ordinances may prohibit their use.

How to Safely Handle and Use Fireworks

Fireworks can be a fun and exciting way to celebrate holidays, but it’s important to handle them safely to avoid injury or damage. Here are a few tips for handling and using fireworks safely:

  • Read and follow all instructions carefully. Make sure you understand how to use each item properly before lighting it.
  • Always have a bucket of water or a hose nearby in case of fire or other emergencies.
  • Never point fireworks at other people or animals.
  • Keep a safe distance from fireworks while they are being lit and after they have been lit.
  • Do not attempt to relight a “dud” firework. Wait at least 20 minutes before approaching it and then soak it in water before disposing of it.

Penalties for Violating Fireworks Laws in New Mexico

Violating fireworks laws in New Mexico can result in significant penalties, including fines and potentially even jail time. The exact penalties will depend on the severity of the violation and the specific circumstances involved.

For example, using fireworks in a prohibited area may result in a fine of up to $1,000, while using illegal fireworks may result in a fine of up to $5,000 and six months in jail. It’s important to take these laws seriously to avoid putting yourself or others at risk.

Frequently Asked Questions about New Mexico Fireworks Laws

Here are a few common questions and answers regarding New Mexico fireworks laws:

Q: Can I purchase fireworks in New Mexico and then take them to another state to use?
A: It depends on the laws in the other state. Some states have very strict laws regarding fireworks and may not allow the use of certain items even if they were legally purchased elsewhere.

Q: Can I use fireworks on my own property in New Mexico?
A: It depends on the specific location of your property and any local ordinances that may be in place. Check with your local government to determine whether fireworks are allowed in your area.

Q: Can I use fireworks if there is a fire ban in place?
A: No. If there is a fire ban in place due to dry conditions or other factors, the use of fireworks is generally prohibited.

New Mexico Facts & Figures

Nickname: Land of Enchantment

State Capital: Santa Fe

Population: 2,096,829 (37th)

Largest Cities: Albuquerque 560,513 Las Cruces 103,432 Rio Rancho 99,178

Total Land Area: 121,590 sq. miles (5th)

Fun Facts:

Smokey Bear was born in New Mexico. The iconic symbol of the U.S. Forest Service was a real, five-pound, three-month-old American black bear cub who firefighters discovered in the spring of 1950 after the Capitan Gap fire, which burned more than 17,000 acres of land.

Albuquerque is called the “Hot Air Balloon Capital of the World,” with more than 300 resident balloonists, more than any other city in the U.S.

The drive through New Mexico may be a bit bumpy. That’s because 75 percent of the roads in the state aren’t paved. It’s not really a necessity, as roads are less travelled and there’s not enough moisture to cause them to disappear.

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At Direct Sparklers, we do our best to keep our state firework regulation information up-to-date. With changing regulations, however, we only use this as a guide for you to reference and do not guarantee the accuracy of the information. Before purchasing or using fireworks in your state, you should always check with your state law . Direct Sparklers is not held accountable for any errors in the information stated on our website, and will not be held responsible for any violations of firework or sparkler laws. Direct Sparklers can ship to 45 of the 50 states, excluding Alaska, California, Hawaii, Massachusetts, and Oregon.

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