Sparklers are notorious for lighting up the night of weddings, holidays, events, and more, but the night isn’t the only time they shine. Did you know sparklers are also widely used for daytime weddings? A sparkler wedding exit is a magical way to send off the newlyweds, but it can be done at any time of the day.

Our high-quality wedding sparklers are meant to shine brightly, no matter when you use them. However, we do recommend using them at a time when the sun isn’t directly blaring down on everyone, as sparklers will be hard to see with your eyes squinted from the sun! But when you have your guests gathered comfortably and the weather is fair enough to be outside, you can begin your sparkler send-off.

If you’ve hired a photographer or videographer for your wedding, make them aware of all the plans for the day so that they can be prepared to take the best shots possible. If you’re using sparklers for your daytime wedding, let your photographer know, and they’ll be able to focus the photos on capturing the sparkler light. They may even edit and filter the photos and videos in a way that makes the spark stand out even more!

Our sparklers last anywhere from 35 to 180 seconds, depending on the length you purchase. If you buy longer sparklers (like our most popular #36 Gold Wedding Sparklers), you’ll have much more time to enjoy the glow of your sparkler send-off. The metal wires of our sparklers also produce minimal amounts of smoke, making them even more ideal for photos. With long sparklers creating minimal smoke, the photographer will have more time to take photos that capture the glow of the sparklers. This is an ideal option for daytime weddings.

Overall, our sparklers can be used at any time of day, no matter the event. A sparkler send-off for your wedding exit is the perfect way to walk into forever with your partner, and we’re here to help make the magic happen.