Wedding planning is an extensive process, and many of us spend months or even a year planning our special day. Between securing a venue, outfit fittings and more, the key to gathering everything you need for your wedding is perfect timing. So, when should you order wedding sparklers for your send-off? Since wedding sparklers are often bought online, it’s important to determine the best time to buy before it’s too late! Today we’re sharing three things to keep in mind when preparing your sparkler order.

  1. Planning Ahead
    The best way to avoid last-minute stress is to plan ahead of time. The most popular time to order sparklers is about 1-2 months before your wedding. This time frame ensures that you will have your supplies well in advance. It also accommodates any possible delays in the shipping process. Ordering at least a month before your wedding also increases the odds that the sparklers you want will be in stock for when you need them.
  1. Shelf Life
    It’s important to note that our sparklers have a lengthy shelf life of about 3-5 years, as long as they are stored in the right conditions. Keep your sparklers in a dry and cool place, and avoid placing them in direct sunlight. Whether you order your sparklers months in advance or days in advance, you can rest assured that your sparklers will be as good as new when you’re ready to use them.
  1. Shipping Regulations
    Wedding sparklers are considered fireworks, and for that reason, they have to be shipped using ground transportation. We cannot send sparklers via aircraft for express or overnight shipping because of firework regulations, so keep this in mind while considering when to buy your wedding sparklers.  It typically takes 3-7 business day to ship your order.

Our team at Direct Sparklers knows how important it is for you to have your wedding sparklers just in time. For the satisfaction of our customers, we provide free shipping on all wedding sparkler and party products. We also do our best to ensure quick delivery by offering same-day shipping on orders placed before 1:30 PM EST!