Long wedding sparklers measuring 20 or 36 inches create a dazzling display on your wedding day. While creating a fun wedding sparkler send-off is probably the most common way to a use wedding sparkler, there are plenty of other options for including them in your ceremony or reception. Here are the top five best ways to use long sparklers at your wedding.

1. Creating a Shimmering Sparkler Send-Off

Handing out sparklers to guests at the end of your reception encourages everyone to participate in your send-off. Have guests stand on either side of a pathway or create an arch for you and your new spouse to run underneath as you leave the venue. Long-lasting sparklers give you the time you need to get to the end of the line before they burn out, and a larger sparkler is designed to shimmer distinctly without excess smoke for clearer pictures.

2. Decorate Your Wedding Venue With Sparklers

A Sparkler need not be just for guests to hold and wave. You can also use them as wedding decorations. Stick a sparkler into each centerpiece to light up the atmosphere at each table, or slip a few lit sparklers around your wedding cake to draw attention to that part of the room before you cut the cake. You can also think of  a sparkler as a way to guide attention throughout your venue during different parts of your ceremony and reception. Lighting wedding reception sparklers at different sections of the room draw everyone around to pay attention to what’s happening there and makes each part of your wedding extra magical in the process.

3. Use a Long Sparkler for Artistic Wedding Photos

Work with your wedding photographer to come up with ideas for creative wedding photos using sparklers. You might try writing in the air with the sparkler to draw love-related words, your initials or hearts in light. Photos of you and your new spouse each holding a sparkler or pictures of your bridal party holding sparklers around you during your first kiss or first dance make beautiful, unique mementos of your special day.

4. Make Sparklers a Symbolic Part of Your Ceremony

Instead of lighting a unity candle to symbolize the joining of your two lives, consider using a sparkler. The dazzling display adds a fun element to this meaningful tradition. Lighting #20 Sparklers in honor of a departed loved one is another way to incorporate extra shimmer into your ceremony.

5. Energize Your Wedding Entrance With Sparklers

Instead of waiting until the wedding send-off or late in the reception to break out the sparklers, you might want to use them to add an attention-getting shimmer to your grand entrance. Give a heart-shaped sparkler to your flower girl instead of a traditional basket of petals, or have each of your bridesmaids and groomsmen carry a sparkler as they walk up the aisle before you. Wedding sparklers with 3-minute burn times ensure that the dazzling display is still going strong when you arrive at the altar.