Sparklers and Valentine’s Day

Now that the holidays have passed, it is time to start moving your thoughts toward Valentine’s Day. How are you going to make the day special for your significant other? Sparklers are a fantastic way to show your love, incorporate some sparkle!

Valentine’s Day Traditions

There is no wrong way to show your love on Valentine’s Day. Popular traditions include giving flowers, candy, or some type of special gift such as jewelry. Lots of couples also chose to have a special date night including a dinner at a special restaurant. A newer trend is incorporating sparklers into your Valentine’s Day celebration.

How to incorporate Sparklers into your Valentine’s Day celebration

There are a variety of ways to incorporate Sparklers into your Valentine’s Day celebration. We will outline some of the more popular ones below.


If you are hosting or attending a Valentine’s Day party, sparklers are great to use as party favors. You can hand them out to guests to use during the party or to take home and use on their own. If you are attending an event or party, you may also bring sparklers to hand out to the other guests. Just make sure the host is ok with you bringing sparklers.

Cute Photo Opportunities

In the social media world of today, couples love sharing photos and expressing their love for each other. Sparklers are great props for photos and can be used in a variety of ways. A candid shot with each partner holding a sparkler or an action shot with a kiss can both be epic photo opportunities. Try our Heart Shaped Sparklers for fantastic photo opportunities.

Cake/Cupcake Toppers

Sparklers are great to use as substitute for candles on a cake or cupcake. This creates an effect like a candle, but with much more wow factor! Try our 10” Gold Sparklers.


Lots of couples chose to stage their proposal around a holiday and Valentine’s Day is one of the biggest. Consider using sparklers as a prop in your engagement. It can lead to some incredible photos and can be quite dazzling. Try our 20” Gold Sparklers for a magical proposal.