Planning any party can be challenging, especially when it comes to your baby’s gender reveal. Sharing the gender of your baby is an intimate and exciting time for not only you and your partner, but for your friends and family as well. As such, you want this celebration to be exciting for everyone involved! But of course, questions will come up when planning. We’re here to answer a few of the most common questions we hear when planning a gender reveal party. 

How early should I order my gender reveal cannons? 

Typically, all products are delivered within 3 to 7 business days. We pride ourselves on fast, same-day shipping when you order any of our products, which applies to orders placed before 1:30 pm EST. You can be sure that you will receive your product as fast as possible, but of course, bumps in the road come up from time to time. To avoid any unprecedented issues with mailing, supply shortages, and so on, try to early as far in advance as possible. 

Can I use the confetti cannons indoors or outdoors? 

Both! However, the gender reveal cannons shoot confetti up to 15 ft in the air, so if you pop them inside, make sure you have that height allowance in mind. If you don’t have the space to pop the confetti cannons inside, popping them outside works just as well, as long as the weather is nice! Either way, make sure you have a cleaning plan in mind for sweeping up the stray confetti. 

How many gender reveal cannons do I need? 

It’s up to you! If you and your partner want to be the ones popping the confetti, then we suggest ordering our smallest package which contains 6 cannons. However, if you want any of your guests to also pop the surprise cannons, you’ll want to order additional. If you have to order more than a couple, keep in mind that our bulk wholesale pricing will help you stay under budget. We offer packages with up to 30 cannons. Our cannons are each 12 inches in length and operate by twisting with one hand and holding in the other, so one per person is the perfect amount for individuals to handle. 

Are cannons loud? 

Our product is a compressed air cannon, so you will hear a pop when you set the cannon off as the air is released. It’s very similar to the sound of popping a balloon, so it’s certainly not too loud or scary. 

Will the cannons photograph well? 

Yes, they will photograph well under the right conditions. If the weather is nice (as in not raining or windy), your confetti will be able to shower down right over your desired area. Another factor to keep in mind is the background or backdrop of your setting. For instance, confetti may not photograph very well if your backdrop is the same color. For example, if a photo is being taken of the blue confetti against a blue sky. Otherwise, just make sure your photographer is prepared to move and click fast as soon as those cannons go off!  


We hope this article helped answer your questions relating to our confetti cannons for your gender reveal party. This is an exciting and magical time for parents, and we’re happy to supply you with everything you need to throw the perfect celebration. Shop gender reveal confetti cannons here.