Spring has sprung, and so has new love. As we celebrate the newlyweds of this season, let’s look at a few major wedding trends we can expect to see this spring.

1. Outdoor wedding venues

This is one spring wedding trend that never goes out of fashion. Of course, with the weather getting nicer, many couples opt for outdoor venues for their wedding. With many trees and flowers blooming around this time, nature will reward you with beautiful backdrops in your wedding photos.

2. Mismatched bridesmaid dresses

Though mismatched bridesmaid dresses aren’t exclusive to just the spring season, we thought now would be a good time to act on this trend. Your springtime wedding bouquet may be a mix of different flowers, and your bridesmaids’ different dresses could follow suit with the theme.

3. Destination weddings

For many, escaping to warmer weather is a big motivation to travel. And who wouldn’t love to escape to a warmer wedding? Spring break isn’t just for college kids – it could work for your wedding too! Even if warmer destinations aren’t your cup of tea, hosting your wedding in a different destination could be a fun adventure for you, your partner, and your guests.

4. Color, color, and more color.

There will be no shortage of color in spring weddings this year, whether it’s vivid wedding dresses or vibrant floral arrangements. Color palettes will differ depending on your theme, but don’t shy away from bold and bright hues if that’s what you like.

5. Sustainability

Sustainability has been growing in popularity for the past few years as people are becoming increasingly aware of their environmental impact. Sustainable wedding alternatives have also appeared as a result. Many couples are opting for “greener” wedding décor, invitations, travel arrangements, venues, and more. With nature’s revival in the spring, this could be a great time to consider some eco-friendly options for your wedding.

Trends come and go. What matters most is that your wedding reflects you and your partner and what makes you both happy as you take this important step together.