Your wedding day is approaching, and you may be considering a sparkler send-off to end the celebration. Or maybe you’re looking for a way to incorporate sparklers at your wedding without a special exit. Wherever you may be coming from, there are a few creative ways to use sparklers at your wedding. Let’s look at a few ideas. 

1) Wedding Sparkler Send-Off 

A sparkler send-off is our favorite type of wedding exit. Simply have your guests form two lines facing each other, give them a sparkler, light them simultaneously, and have your guests hold the sparklers in the air to form an arch for you and your partner to walk through. A sparkler send-off is a magical way to exit your wedding, as it feels like your guests are helping you light the way to happily ever after. 

2) Top the Cake 

Forget candles — your wedding cake or dessert is sure to dazzle your guests with sparklers on top of it. You can use regular sparklers or our special heart-shaped sparklers and have a guest or wedding planner light them before the cake is cut. 

3) Keep the Kids Busy 

If you’re anticipating a number of children at your wedding celebration, it’s a good idea to have an activity to keep them occupied. Kids can have fun playing with sparklers as long as safety measures are taken. If you’re worried about children handling an open flame, our strike-to-light sparklers require no match or ignition source. All they have to do is strike the sparkler on the strike pad to light it. However, we still strongly recommend that you designate a guest to watch over the children as an extra safety measure, as well as abide by any state firework regulations.

4) Supply Wedding Favors 

Sparklers can be given as wedding favors to your guests, either by themselves or as a part of a gift bag. You can choose to direct your guests to take the sparklers home or to light them all together for a fun activity later in the day or night.  

5) Decorate with a Centerpiece 

Sparklers can be displayed in a variety of ways. If you’re looking for a bright centerpiece that will entertain your guests, consider using sparklers as a part of your centerpiece decoration. Just make sure there’s nothing flammable in your decoration that could catch fire too close to the sparklers. 

One of our favorite things about sparklers is that you can get creative with them, no matter the occasion! However, sparklers are an amazing way to spark love on your wedding day and bring your guests in on the fun. For more inspiration for using sparklers at your wedding, visit our Pinterest page. 

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