So, you’ve heard about a sparkler send-off for your wedding exit, but you’re not sure just what that entails. Wedding sparklers are our forte here at Direct Sparklers, and today, we’re giving you a quick rundown on what to expect if you’re thinking about a sparkler wedding exit.  

1) Check With Your Venue 

Before you start planning a sparkler wedding exit, first check with your venue to make sure you’re allowed to use sparklers there. Sparklers are considered novelty fireworks, so some locations may have restrictions against using them. Give your venue a call to run the idea past them before doing anything else. 

2) Count Your Guests 

If you’ve got the go-ahead from your wedding venue to proceed with the sparkler send-off, you’ll then have to figure out how many sparklers you’ll need to buy. To do this, you’ll have to figure out how many of your guests (if not all of them) will be participating in the send-off. Each guest participating will likely be holding one or two sparklers each, depending on how long the sparkler is and how many people you want to participate. Take the count on how many people will be a part of the send-off before you buy. 

3) Choose Your Sparklers 

Once you know how many people will be partaking in your send-off, it’s time to purchase your wedding sparklers! We sell three different lengths of sparklers, and the longer the sparkler, the longer the burn time. Determining the best size sparkler for your wedding is a decision that involves the number of people in your group and how long you anticipate the wedding exit will be.  

4) Designate a Point Person 

Your sparklers have been purchased, and now it’s time to figure out your wedding exit game plan. Having a point person to help you coordinate your wedding exit is the most helpful tip we have for the process. This person could be your wedding coordinator/event planner, a member of the wedding party, a family member, or a friend. Whoever you choose as your point person, they will take charge of handing sparklers out to your guests, starting the lighting, and directing everyone to form an arch or a walkway for the bride and groom to exit between. They’ll also let everyone know where to safely depose of the sparklers afterward. 

5) Update Your Photographer 

One of the best parts about a sparkler wedding exit is the photos that come from it. Our wedding sparklers emit a brilliant glow (especially at night) and minimal smoke to ensure that they show up beautifully in photos, as long as your photographer knows your plans beforehand. 

You’re sure to have a fairytale moment with a wedding sparkler exit, so let love sparkle! Read more about using sparklers for your wedding, or purchase your wedding sparklers now. 

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