Every wedding could use some sparkle. Sparkler send-offs are a fun and memorable way for newlyweds to walk into forever together. And there are countless ways to customize a wedding, from the theme down to the smallest details, like a sparkler tag. Though they’re small, these details are worth the extra attention for creating a magical wedding day. Here are a few fun ideas to customize sparkler tags for a wedding send-off.

Instructions for the Wedding Sparkler Send-Off

Wedding sparkler send-offs require a group of guests to light the way with sparklers. The more people included in the send-off, the more confusing it can potentially be. This is why including brief instructions for the wedding exit on the sparkler tag can help keep guests on the same page.

Facts About the Couple

A creative way to personalize the wedding sparkler tags is by printing facts about the couple on them. A few ideas to consider are the first date of the newlyweds, their favorite spot to eat, their favorite thing to do together, or even their plans for the future.

Themed Photo or Message

If the wedding has a theme, consider making the sparkler tags fit the motif as well. This can be done through placing a themed photograph, sticker, or message on the tag.

Thank You Tag

Everyone loves to feel appreciated. Help wedding guests feel the love by including a thank you message on the sparkler tag. “Thank you for sharing in the love” or a simple “Thank you for coming to celebrate” are two ideas to start with.

There are endless ways to be creative and have fun in the process of planning a wedding. And thinking about something as small as a sparkler tag can make all the difference in the details needed to create a magical wedding. To start planning your wedding sparkler send-off, take a look at our wedding sparkler selection and printable kit that includes pre-made tags!