Outdoor weddings can be tricky to plan months in advance when you have no idea what to expect from the weather. While it’s good to have a backup plan in place in case of rain or other inclement weather, you don’t have to let it completely ruin your plans of an outdoor wedding exit! To help ease your weather worries, we compiled a list of 4 things to consider if you’re worried about the weather ruining your outdoor wedding exit.

1. Sparklers Will Still Work

If you’re planning a sendoff with our wedding sparklers, rest assured that they will still work if there is misty or foggy weather. While wetness is not an ideal condition to have your sparklers in, a Direct Sparklers customer shared that her sparklers “worked perfectly for our wedding guests, even in misty/foggy weather.” Now, we can’t promise that you’ll see a perfect spark if it’s pouring down rain outside, but your sparklers will still work if there’s dampness in the air.

2. Have a Backup Plan

If it’s downpouring on your wedding day and you’re not able to use sparklers for your wedding exit, you can still find a way to make it creative and memorable. Consider using bubbles or flower petals for your exit, as they are a fast and convenient option to draw attention during your exit! If you have a little more time, cowbells are perfect for a country wedding, and jingle bells may be the perfect holiday touch for a winter wedding.

3. Consider Using a Tent

Having a tent and covered area designated outside of your wedding venue is a good option to ensure that you’re still able to celebrate outside, even if the weather isn’t exactly what you hoped it would be. Many providers offer tents with covered siding to ensure that minimal rain or wind is blowing through the tent from the sides as well. You should also be able to use your wedding sparklers under the cover of a tent because they give off minimal smoke, as long as your guests are practicing caution and safety when using them.

4. Bring the Party Indoors

And lastly, if all else fails, bring the party inside. If you’re planning on using sparklers for your wedding exit and aren’t able to go outside because of the weather, be sure to check with your wedding venue that they allow sparklers. Our sparklers are made with a metal wire and give off minimum smoke, so they could be used indoors in more open venues such as a barn. However, if you’re not permitted to use sparklers inside of your wedding venue, they don’t have to go to waste – they can be used as a part of your displays in vases or centerpieces!

Overall, don’t let bad weather ruin your outdoor wedding exit. There are creative ways to work around any situation to still make your special day everything you dreamed of. For more wedding exit ideas, check out our blog article on 8 Wedding Send Off Ideas.