5 Relaxing Recommendations…

Planning a wedding is a 9-to-5 job – from setting the budget and deciding on a theme to choosing the date, dress, ceremony and reception venues, food, music and the wedding exit. And that’s not even including the not so evident details of wedding planning: choosing peony or buttercups, finalizing the guest seating chart, and picking the groom’s socks and shoes. Like we stated, it’s a full-time gig.

But you already work full time and have obligations that can’t fall by the wayside. Planning your wedding is an exciting, once in a lifetime experience. It can also be very overwhelming, especially when trying to juggle everything else happening in your life. So then, how do you plan a wedding without losing your marbles?

The months, weeks and days leading up to your wedding should be special, not stressful. Luckily, there are ways to stay calm, cool and collected throughout the planning process, so you can enjoy every moment of being engaged.

1) Make a schedule and organize your planning

Planning a wedding means having a plan. Collect all of your thoughts and ideas on paper. From there, organize a checklist and timeline that’s conceivable. (Pulling off a wedding in a week or inviting 2,000 of your closest friends may not be doable.) Time management is key here, so make sure to tackle the big obstacles first, such as nailing down the wedding date, booking the venue and caterer and saying “yes” to that perfect dress. Take advice from the experts and seek input from your partner. By being in control of your planning, you’re more likely to be at ease.

2) Get in your exercise and eat healthy

It’s easy to binge food during times of high stress and tension, but the instant gratification you seek in chocolate and fast food can have negative consequences on your wedding preparation. Lower energy levels and heightened feelings of agitation contribute to a lack of concentration that may lead to a misstep, or two or three, in planning. Eat healthy and avoid skipping meals. Last but certainly not least, exercise. There’s no better way to beat stress than sweating it out during spin class.

3) Catch some Zzz’s

Working 40 hours a week and planning a wedding brings with it late nights and early mornings, which can take a toll on your mental health. Don’t deprive yourself of getting some quality shut-eye. The recommended amount of sleep for healthy adults is between seven and nine hours per night. Good sleepers are productive, focused and tend to eat healthier. Plus, you can’t dream about your big day if you’re still wide awake looking over a million color swatches!

4) Plan day trips or date nights with your partner

There’s a time and place to talk about wedding inspiration boards on Pinterest or if your second cousin, once removed, will make the final guest list. And date night is not the setting for either conversation or any wedding talk for that matter. Spend quality time with your partner in a wedding-free zone. Go for a hike, explore a museum, check out that Italian restaurant you’ve always wanted to visit; do the things that bring joy to your relationship. After some time away, you’ll dive back into wedding prep feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

5) Breath in, breath out

Feeling stressed and anxious? Don’t panic – take a deep breath. Breathing can work wonders for the mind and soul. Being observant and taking stock of your breathing can be very therapeutic. If you’re having a moment with your wedding plans, stop what you’re doing, find a comfortable seat to sit in and begin your breathing exercises. The rule of thumb here is for every second you inhale, apply the same amount of time to exhale for equal breathing.

Stop and smell the roses, and above all else, enjoy the journey to marriage. Tying the knot is an experience that only happens once, so don’t try and rush through the process. Trust your instincts and be confident in the decisions you make. All of your hard work will soon be validated with the wedding of your dreams.